Shokugeki No Soma: San No Sara – Episodes 11-12 [Final Impression]

Episode 11: Der Weiße Ritter der Tafel

HAVE I EVER MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE ALICE, BECAUSE I DO, SHE’S AWESOME! She’s head strong and sure of herself and she’s not afraid to stand up towards the creep that is Azami! She told him straight up she’s pissed off at him for what he did to her and Erina in the past, and even told him she doesn’t like him, it was hilarious but I also felt so proud! What’s more is after he leaves the hall, she scolds Erina for being so gloomy and weak and even told her that she’s her own person and she should stand up to him!

I see you smiling at your girl

This lead to them bickering a bit but it was adorable~

plus I got a subtle RyoAli moment~

We got to see all the changes from central and let me say it’s terrible and boring, the classes went from making your own dish to following recipes to a T.

Lame. Plus it sounds lazy to me too honestly, it would make more sense if it was a regular cooking class for a regular high school since most students arent skilled or talented in culinary arts, which is why just following recipes doesn’t make sense, yes the recipes won’t be easy and you need skill to follow them but the best way for them to grow is to also create their own dishes.

It’s about to go down!

Teachers get dismissed if they don’t follow central which sucks, and the replacement was the first seat, Tsukasa Eishi, who is a dork and has stage fright, he’s good at faking it but once it’s all over the poor guy is pretty much close to fainting!

Soma volunteers to be his assistant during class and the two were in sync, he did a great job following Eishi’s instructions for the dishes and he even started prep for the other dishes without Eishi saying anything. I was impressed! I’d get confused so quickly since there were a lot instructions and it was fast too

After class Eishi wants to recruit Soma to be part of Central to be his right hand man but he refuses, and in the end they have a shokugeki, where if Soma loses he has to join central, but if he wins he can be the first seat. He’s crazy.


Episode 12: The One Who Aims For The Summit

We got to see how the match plays out and it was an interesting one! However if you expected Soma to win then this anime would be over and done by now, this arc isn’t over, in fact it’s only just the beginning and if he can win against the first seat now, then there wouldn’t be much to do now would there? Of course I expected him to lose but how close of a match it’d be? Well that’s up to the viewer to decide if he was very close or far from it.

Man what do I have to do to get a bite out of that?! I WANT!

Personally for me he wasn’t close but not far if that makes sense? Soma’s cooking is fun, creative, and eccentric food for diners, French cuisine is more delicate and has to be in perfect harmony with the sauces and garnishes otherwise the dish is ruined. He lost but the fact that his dish was creative and enccentric yet it was still considered French cuisine means something. I thought that was super impressive that he harmonized everything on his dish, Eishi was better of course but from the looks of it everyone enjoyed how it tasted, which is always a plus! Even Erina had to switch on her tsundere mode because she didn’t want to admit she liked it.

Megumi, Hisako and Erina all felt bad that they gave the win to Eishi but they were being honest and Soma can’t grow if they give him the win if the opponent was better, so it was a tough choice yes but it was the right one.

….although we forget that this isn’t an official shokugeki so the condition where Soma joins central as Eishi’s assistant was canceled, he decided he’d get huge anxiety since his cooking is all over the place, he liked so scared it was adorable and funny at the same time!


on the final bit of the episode we see Megumi, Marui and Nikumi in a shokugeki with central to protect their RS, and my babies put them in their place! Easy! Megumi and Nikumi won with a clean sweep and Marui won 2-1~

So proud of them! Their skills are so underrated or under appreciated! They are students there for a reason!

Final thoughts: Overall I enjoyed this season completely and I’m surprised that it’s only 12 episodes, I was expecting it to be 24 at least but it was still a great watch, they stayed true to the manga so far and I love that, you have no idea how frustrating it is when an anime doesn’t follow through the manga story! Central arc is a long one but a good one, it’s still going in the manga but hopefully it should be done soon, I need to catch up and see where it’s at currently. I loved Alice so much this season, she was always cool but seeing her stand up to her sorry excuse of an uncle was just amazing, we got a RyoAli moment too so…she is the best. This season we also got some backstory to why Erina is the way she is, which is her creepy, evil, and weird dad. Azami sucks. Period. I don’t know how he managed to get Erina’s Mom to marry a thing like that. It’s a mystery to me honestly, I hate that pale Dracula impersonator.

Again it was very good, the quality, and animation was nice and consistent, the foodgasms were cringey in an awkwardly funny way like always, the food looked so beautiful and appetizing like normal, I have no complaints. I heard the fourth season is already announced for the spring 2018 season and I’m so down to cover it if no one shot guns it. This was my first completed coverage for an anime and it feels great to have you guys take the time to read through my awkward reactions and thoughts. Thank you guys for being here with me and I will see you again on a different show!

Final score: 9/10


I'm MoonNyte, I've been watching anime since I was 4 years old and as I got older I've been watching off and on again until 2012 where I started to watch consistently since! I also love Kdramas and Kpop~

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  1. zztop says:

    Part 2 of San no Sara airs this Spring 2018.

    • MoonNyte says:

      Yeah I just heard about it today, so I added my final thoughts to it real quick, thank you for the notice! I enjoyed it a lot, what about you?

  2. jsyschan says:

    That reaction of Erina at the end was rather disappointing.

    • MoonNyte says:

      A bit but they had to cut it off somehow to end the episode so although it was disappointing it was the best option. Aside from that everything else was great~

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