Shokugeki No Soma: San No Sara – Episode 10


Man did it feel good seeing him win! I did feel a bit worried at first but man I’m glad he pulled through! The weird haired dude who I keep forgetting his name (clearly he stood out to me lol) was too arrogant and cocky, he still kept saying how much of an elite he is and even showed off by trying to act and copy sailor mars by surrounding himself in spiraling fire like the drama queen he is. Not gonna lie I laughed way too hard!

You aren’t Sailor Mars sir, stop trying to be her

I almost choked on my water when I saw this and had to show you all, I know the effect was to make it more dramatic and to show us that he’s a master of heat and low temperature cooking but that was too much for me xD I kept replaying it and I almost cried, heck it managed to make me snort which says something because I try very hard for it not to come out regardless if im in public or not!

I do admit though weird hair bro does have skills, he was chosen by Azami, the man is crazy but Azami was part of the elite ten and does know his stuff when it comes to food and such and weirdo hair’s knife skilled was on par with Ryo,

I admit it does look good

both filleted their salmon quickly and precisely and knows how to work the same cutting edge technology that Alice uses so I’ll give him some credit, and when he was making his dish it did look very good, I’m not a use fan of fish, I don’t like the fishy smell or taste but it looked really tender and juicy and the techniques he used and outcomes if you don’t do them were ones I never heard of or considered so there’s that, and honestly I didn’t know what low temperature cooking didnto meat or how much of a difference there was so it was interesting to learn about that, still don’t like him though.

This looks sooo good!

Ryo’s dish also looked super yummy and it looked like something I’d for sure eat! His was bread, a thin spinach crepe seasoned unevenly with his own spice mix, rice, kasha, and salmon, and that thin layer with uneven seasoning was his small secret in his food that got him the win, since it’s uneven every bite will be different, some with more flavor, others with less but still tastes great and the flavor of the salmon is compressed by the bread and rice so every bite will impact you with it. Of course weird hair bro had a fit and didn’t accept why or how he could possibly lose so Ryo told him to shut up and try his dish to see why and I was so satisfied when he said “Shut your mouth” I was so happy and was like “Thank you!”


They really had me worried though that he could have lost though because they talked and made it look like it was weird haired guy’s favor because they were talking about his supposed secret to his salmon on why it was so moist and juicy, but it just made Ryo’s victory that much more satisfying in the end! Wooo! We also got a small Alice x Ryo moment which I won’t complain since I ship those two. Overall it was good times this episode.


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