Code: Realize ~ Sousei no Himegimi Episode 6

This episode was great, but before I get into that: God damn it! They jumped straight into Issac’s Lab after the credits! WHY WOULD THEY RAM THAT INTO THE POST-CREDITS?! Dear lord, I hope it’s just an extended preview of what’s to come, but my god, I wish they didn’t outright SHOW and SPILL THE BEANS on what Cardia actually is, or maybe they will seriously pick up from where they left off. I don’t know, but that really annoys me they would do this when they should have saved it for the next episode. That’s really disappointing… On that note, I will wait until next week before discussing anything further.

Now if you haven’t watched the episode yet, or maybe you have but stopped watching once the ED started, then you can still spare yourself major spoilers that will be further elaborated next week. Like seriously, this is a terrible way to reveal the secrets for the new viewers. I know I would be extremely bummed out if it were me, in fact I would be incredibly frustrated.

This week’s episode was all about Impey. This is the one guy who just can’t catch a break when it comes to getting the short end of the stick. Now while Impey is at the bottom of the tier when it comes to my favourites, that doesn’t mean I dislike him. This episode highlighted one of the key issues I have with the general treatment towards Impey’s character. The team has to enter the Black Gathering, a mafia airship race in hopes to win the grand prize of posthumous writings from Isaac. Impey is assigned to update and fix the airship Lupin had stolen in a very short period of time. On the day of the race, although he gets there on time, not one person praises him, and instead scolding him for almost not making it on time. In short the fundamental problem I have is how the characters have been written to disregard Impey. And it’s sad, because Impey isn’t a bad guy, or character to say the least, but the writers severely neglected him, and as result, it made Impey’s route inferior to the rest.

But like Van’s episode, Impey didn’t get to interact with Cardia a whole lot, or in a meaningful way besides sharing how he was inspired to become an engineer, and dreams to one day fly to the Moon. (Yes, the actual Moon!) Cardia simply made him some food and sat down and listened to him, and didn’t contribute much to the conversation. (Do note, the only time she will is when you’re on his route, and in this case, the story is following Lupin’s route.)

The highlight of the episode was of course when Impey launched his Secret Weapon, which was none other than Van Helsing, otherwise known as the Human Weapon. Shove him into a capsule and launch him into another ship. Poor guy, didn’t sign up for this – but I won’t lie, it’s so outrageous, yet I still find is absolutely hilarious! When Cardia realized what was happening, she began to hesitate, but Saint-Germain nonchalantly launches the guy. He of course was highly amused of the events unfolding.

In fact speaking of the race – well while it was still on-going, the idea of making it first to the finish line was quickly thrown out the window when the paint they used to cover up the emblem of the ship they stole peeled off and original owners who were present at the race, quickly raised a bounty of 20 million should anyone shoot them down. As result the race became more like a wild game of cat and mouse. And of course with it being the airship race, of course NEMOOOOOO~ was going to make his debut. This guy is annoying as hell, especially his laugh – dear god, make it stop. He was the one with the biggest airship, Fulton but ultimately was taken out thanks to Van ramming hijacked ship into his, and was scooped up back up by Impey. Victor though Van was dead though, can’t blame him for that.

Overall, excluding the post-credit content, compared to last week, this episode was much better paced and didn’t feel rushed at all. It probably helped that Impey’s route doesn’t have a whole lot of substance and content to have to cut out, so when it comes to trimming some dialogue and scenes, it’s a lot easier than Victor’s route. Also can we take a moment to appreciate Cardia’s cute ‘efficient kick’ Van taught her? SO CUTE!!!!

Next week will be all about Cardia! :D Again: If you haven’t watched the episode yet, or maybe you have but stopped watching once the ED started, then you can still spare yourself from major spoilers.

A/N: I apologize both Code: Realize and Idolm@ster Side:M coming out late again this week, a relative had passed away so I wasn’t in the condition or had the time to do the entry. Next week entries may have to come out late again varying on which day we are having a family gathering with those out of town. Please note if they are not out on Saturday, most likely will be released on Sunday/Monday.


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