Boruto Episode 33 and 34( And this where I remember how much I love Naruto)

Boruto Episode 33 and 34( And this where I remember how much I love Naruto)

Songs: Raising Fighting Spirt( DJ-Jo Dubstep Remix), Gangam Style by PSY( because why not?), Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae, Celebrate the Summer by Lacuna, Written in the Star by Tinshe Tempe feat Eric Turner, This Afternoon by Nickelback, Airplanes by B.O.B feat Haley Williams, Pursuit of Happiness( Steve Aoki Remix) by Kid Cudi, Memories by David Guetta feat Kid Cudi, and You And Me by Lifehouse

I’m back. After Thanksgiving(In the United States)! Let’s Go!

In Episode 33, Inojin can’t use Super Beast Scroll because he doesn’t add enough emotions in this drawings( which he figures out at the end of the episode).

I love when Inojin can’t use Super Beast Scroll, Sai doesn’t tell him what is wrong with him, he just keeps on dropping hints everywhere that Inojin can’t catch.

Comes into art class, tries to sell point, and doesn’t succeed

This also brings me back to when we met Sai in Shippedun because as Sai mentioned in the episode, he draws to connect himself to people. Sai drew a picture book to connect himself to his dead brother.

Then Inojin realized when Hinawari’s drawing is falling into the river, how emotions flow through your art and he was able to do Super Beast Scroll again.

When I’m drawing, my emotions are usually limited because I’m A.) drawing something based on a song B.) drawing someone  or C.) drawing something based on a story. Maybe I’m missing the point. I guess the point is that you draw to be connected to others and yourself.

Then in Episode 34, Boruto wants to hang out with this friends before he graduates and they go to catch the Eternal Carp, so they can hopefully stay together and make memories.

It’s one of those episodes that is so heartwarming. It doesn’t matter what you were going to do with your friends, it is all the memories, good or bad, that go with the experience of being with them.

For the last month, I did not feel like watching this show at all ( Ha, I’m going to admit). I didn’t even want to continue watching Naruto. I debated dropping it completely and never watching it again. But these episodes reminded me what Naruto was about in the first place: teamwork and friendship.

Unrelated, but I found this cute.

Lastly, I want to roast some boys complaining about filler. Everyone just stop complaining about filler, because if you like it or not, it brings depth to the show. And doesn’t mess up the show in anyway.


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