Netojuu no Susume Episode 2

Yup, it’s official, this is going to be my warm and fuzzy show of the week. It has been quite a while since the last time a show that’s simple like this one has been able to draw me in so quickly. So even if I don’t end up covering the whole thing, I know I will be making time to watch it!

I already said it in the first impression, but let me say it again: I love how real the characters and the subjects that are discussed in this series are. It’s easy to put yourself in the characters’ shoes. Not to mention, it has been a long time since I’ve last played in an MMO (had to stop years ago due to the subscription costs RIP), so now days I usually play free-to-play MOBA, but watching Moriko play really makes it nostalgic, and I can’t help but giggle. Something as simple as spamming the “Sad/Cry” emote made me giggle because don’t we all love spamming emotes in game? From dancing, taunting, joking and of course crying.

Today’s subject focused a lot around how gender and age is lost in online play. For most cases, we are left to assume one’s age based on their frequency of online play and how their interact with others. Genders can sometimes be mixed up based on choices of names and such. It certainly can be awkward for some to be a girl playing with a masculine name or using a male avatar and everyone assumes them to be a boy, and vice versa. As Lily says, sometimes your are better off not knowing about one’s private life.

When age enters the discussion, that’s when most people’s guards are up, fearing how the age gap may ruin friendships or make things awkward. Moriko is the type who doesn’t like to indulge too much about herself, where as Liliac was quite eager to (but she got ahead of herself when she jumped to conclusions without Hayashi verifying that he was also a university student). It certainly didn’t help when the lie spread like wild fire, revealing the guild members had been betting on his age. Mokorio however can’t help but feel guilty about the lie, but decides it’s for the best to leave it at that for the time being.

There was also a brief touch about being a NEET. Some people own up to it, others would rather keep it to themselves. While Moriko prides herself as a self-proclaimed Elite NEET, she does feel a level of shame when she sees others are busy as university students or are employed.

But we know Moroiko had been employed for a period of time, but for whatever reason, she is no longer employed. However her creepy nightmare of masked businessmen all lined up taking a dive into a tower/dungeon of an MMO certainly makes me more anxious to find out. Before the creepiness ensued, we saw the brown angel (who I am guessing was her friend in the previous game before shutdown) and her as a blue cleric discussing how she came in early for two days. It makes me wonder if perhaps the two of them knew each other both online and offline, since it sounds like they are discussing work and she looked like she was trying to put up a strong face, implying she was having a difficult time trying to make sure everything is done.

For her, playing MMOs is a source of comfort/safe haven. This also applies to Lily-chan, who shared how she doesn’t have anyone to talk to in the real world, so she usually comes online to brood on her own since she doesn’t like to trouble anyone.

At this point, I am fairly confident that Yuta is Lily-chan, but I am anxious for the two to be officially confirmed to be one and the same so I can continue to squeal over how funny fate can be for these two. And ouch! Talk about a blunt re-encounter! An accidental kiss? Entanglement? That’s so yesterday, now it’s all about the elbow in the face! It increases your odds of getting your destiny’s number, 4x if you forget your health insurance card!!!

We can see that Moriko is quite charmed by Yuta. She finds him quite attractive and kind, but is incredibly self-conscious about herself. She was both excited and terrified at how quickly he responded to her and followed up with asking if she would like to go out and eat together sometime as part of his apology. In the end, she was able to muster up the courage to accept the invitation, but the poor girl didn’t realize it was 2AM when she sent the reply! HAHAHAHA!

Sakurai Yuta is absolutely adorable. HE IS SO CUTE AND CLUMSY, but he’s an absolute sweetheart! I found it hilarious how he took her to the hsopital to make sure she didn’t have a head trauma! (But honestly speaking, I was more worried about her nose! Hahaha!). Needless to say, I am very excited to see him and Moriko interact some more.

Now while I absolutely love this show, I am still uncertain whether or not I will commit myself to covering it for the entire season, so I will give it one more episode. If no entry is released next week, then that means I have chosen to stick to just watching it. But if you haven’t given this show a chance already, watch it! It’s cute!


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  1. Mangaka-chan says:

    In the last screen cap you can see part of a monitor in Yuta’s bedroom with Hayashi’s figure visible on the screen. ;)

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