Just Because! – Episode 1 [First Impression]

MoonNyte’s First Impression:

This anime is pretty simple right now, we get a quick glimpse of the character’s personalities and different situations, most of the main cast are going to cram school studying, most likely getting ready for university and such. The focused was sorta diverted between our cast and main male lead Izumi Eita, who has moved from Fukuoka back to Tokyo after four years, he goes to his new school, to get the transfer ready, poor guy seems like he’s used to it because his dad periodically gets transferred because of his job, it was the reason he moved to Fukuoka when he was in middle school in the first place. We see him in the beginning of the episode waiting outside by the gates when school was done for the day, he walked around, texting to a friend from his old school, sending him pictures of whatever caught his buddy making comments about it like the structure of the building or his new classroom. While he was having a meeting with the principle about his transfer a girl from the next room over exclaimed very loudly in disagreement of her club disbanding, which cuts to her meeting with a teacher telling her the news. He says to the photography club that there is only three of them and are second years but due to lack of members as well as not getting any new ones and lack of achievements the club can’t continue. In the end Komiya Ena, decides to enter and win a photography competition so that she can save her club.

She is very interesting as she does what she wants and and says what she wants, like for instance we see another girl, Natsume Mio who used to be the student council president, leaning on a wall, relaxing, drinking her strawberry milk and Komiya sneaks up on her and takes a picture of her without her say, she isn’t too happy about it and honestly I wouldn’t be either, so I’m with her on that, because it personally bugs me when someone takes my picture without asking.

She tells her of the news about her club and her reason of why she took her picture and while taking randomly another one she also tells her of the mysterious transfer student (Izumi) and runs off to take more pictures.

We then cut to three guys, monkey, terminator dressed like a student, and Soma Haruto out on the baseball field practicing, terminator is the catcher, Haruto is batting and monkey is pitching, they practice for a while and terminator and monkey leave to go home while haruto stays to clean up, while he’s picking up the balls he notices Izumi and he knows him, they used to be close friends before Izumi transferred to Fukuoka in middle school, they were in the baseball team together and Izumi used to be the pitcher. They made a promise to be in daily contact after he moved and that went on for the first month and slowly lost contact more and more until at some point they stopped talking all together. They catch up and decided to play baseball again for old times sake, Haruto is batting and Izumi pitches, and from the looks of it while he is out of practice since he hasn’t played in four years he was and is a good pitcher.

They go at it for a while and while doing so theres three trumpet players outside on a hallway on the second floor school band start playing the school anthem, and eventually the whole band starts doing it which I thought was cool, they were cheering them on in a way! Komiya sees their practice as a god photo opt and gets in position for the perfect shot, and that opportunity hits because Haruto wants to go for a homerun as like revenge for losing to this other team during a tournament badly, he gets two strikes from Izumi’s fast pitches and finally gets a good hit in on the third and it becomes not just a home run but an out-of-the-park home-run! I was impressed and happy for him honestly, home-runs are hard to pull of but even more so for out-of-the-park! We see Natsume getting a text with a picture of Izumi and she instantly recognizes him and even looks out the window towards the field to find him.






Well….Sadly I can’t say much for this episode…I shouldn’t be so critical on the first episode, I know better but….it felt really lackluster for a first episode, I’ve seen boring first episodes before but this one takes the cake so far. I have not given up on it yet since I again know better than judge it on the first episode. I’ll give it three episodes before I decide if i’ll keep watching or not, as for covering it I’ll have to see how the next three will be to decide because the hours of my job are not the best (it’s a night shift…) and sleep is precious to me right now and so covering it might be difficult at times. I have hopes for this still!

Possibility of Blogging: Low

Possibility of Watching: High, I’ll give it three episodes 


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  1. jsyschan says:

    Well, I haven’t found time to watch the episode yet, but I want to have high hopes for this series. Tsuki ga Kirei seemed to start out slowly, and it became an endearing anime of the season. I just hope that Just Because lives up to the hype. I was excited for this due to the staff.

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