Infini-T Force Eps 1 & 2 [First Impression]


Alright, they double dropped episodes on us. Fine by me. Let’s do this.

So a hooligan, a hologram, a grandpa, a professor, and a nihilist walk into a bar… nevermind. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before.

I went into this show expecting a simplistic, mediocre superhero show. I wasn’t looking for much. I just wanted baseline entertainment. Maybe it’s because I went in with such low expectations that this show seemed so incredible.

The CG is surprisingly well done. I like to think I’ve done my tour of shows from a 1 (Berserk 2016) to an 8 (Knights of Sidonia) but this show totally blew those out of the water. The most indicative examples are the body movements and the hair. I hate seeing Berserk or even Ajin levels of awkwardness in character movements to the point where it looks like a malfunctioning puppet trying to copy what they saw a human do once. The hair is also usually plastered to whatever anchor it started with and then never moves again unless very deliberately. Infini-T Force seemed to rise above all of that. Very impressed with the animation overall. And that is counting both up close and personal and the incredible scenery shots they do.

So far there’s a healthy range of characters and it’s kind of odd (in a good way) to see the clash of their worlds whether it’s their information, culture or technology. I mean, sure, Ken is a bit misogynistic, Takeshi is a bit too goofy, and Tetsuya is just a hologram projecting what his past self used to be, but we all have flaws. Except for Joji, apparently. Man said he lived in solitude for years and somehow was still holding a functioning conversation. Does anyone else think though that maybe they got over their dimensions being obliterated a bit too quickly?

Plot-wise, it’s more than I was expecting but still simple enough where I know I won’t really have to pay undivided attention. Dude has a stick. Guy kicked stick. Dude lost the stick. Girl found the stick. Everyone wants the stick. Done. The idea of dimension hopping is cool to me and I’m excited to explore more, but I like that they can’t make Emi care about any of this BS.

“Emi, women can’t get pregnant anymore.”

“I don’t like kids”. “OK, but your friends are disappearing too.”

“Their text messages were annoying.”

I really like how nonchalant and devoid of meaning Emi’s personality is. She is literally so over it she rewards herself with erasers and pencils for surviving life-threatening situations as she speeds in and out of traffic. Even after getting hit by a car, being confronted by the idea that there are multiple dimensions being destroyed, and facing Zed she completely doesn’t care. “To be or not to be. That is the question… Who cares?” It just doesn’t get more flippant than this. It’s great. I love it. Can we also talk for a second about how she’s become just a blown out of proportion Doodle-Bob? For episode 2 that was pretty much all I could think about, that this show is an eclectic mix of Power Rangers, Haruhi Suzumiya (in how Emi draws these things towards her without knowing it), and that one episode of Spongebob Squarepants. What more could you possibly ask for in a show?

Another aspect that caught my attention were the fight scenes. Reminiscent of Power Rangers or maybe even Samurai Flamenco in style, the fights were very fun to watch. Nice on the eyes in the sense that they were fast-paced, but still easy to follow along with.

Also, real quick, I’ve been very hyper-aware of this since a few seasons ago, but I enjoy the fact that a lot of anime will always try to mention that the birth rate is declining, however they can manage to do it. It’s always that one standalone shot where a news program is left on and it cuts to a close-up and the news anchor always just happens to be mentioning it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming them. Gotta make dem babies somehow.

All in all, these were very promising episodes. I’m pretty hyped to see where this goes and learn more about everyone. We barely know anything about the heroes or the villains, but they already dropped the ball on the fact that Zed is Emi’s dad. Hopefully, that just means they have even bigger twists in the works? Regardless, I fully intend to keep watching and covering this show.

Possibility of Covering: Yes, please!


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