Dies Irae – Episode 1

This episode flowed better than the last and since it wasn’t a prologue I was able to not be so confused like last time, I still feel bad about that honestly…

Anyhow as I said I really liked the flow of the episode, we meet our blue haired lead Fujii Ren, he and another guy named Shirou were on the roof having a fistfight about something which the reason is not mentioned, we just know Shirou is apparently a jerk because it seems he might be jealous of Ren because he asked him why he likes to destroy everything and his answer is that he likes to do the opposite of him, he doesn’t know why he just does, that’s a valid reason right? Flash forward for a while and we see Ren discharging himself from the hospital, the fight must have been more bad than I thought, and just looking at it looked bad, it felt like a sasuke vs naruto fight except no jutsus or crazy taijutsu, just punches haha! He runs into a childhood friend of his named Kasumi Ayase as he was walking back home, she uh made quite a first impression, for that I mean as in the first five seconds I had the urge to tape her mouth shut because she was so loud and a bit obnoxious, I might be feeling like this though because I just woke up when I turned on the episode on my phone, she seems like the typical protective childhood friend who looks out for lead.

After making a bit of a scene they head to a museum exhibit for swords and the poor guy looked so uncomfortable, he is aichmophobic (for those who don’t know its the fear of sharp objects like needles, knives, pencils and anything with a sharp edge and such) Kasumi took him there to try to help him get past his fear because poor guy can’t even hold a kitchen knife, which I can understand, I have my own phobias to deal with and while it was nice of her to help, he just got out of the hospital and i’m not sure but I feel there was a better approach to help him.

As they were going around he sees this strange hooded figure in a nearby corridor, he grows curious so he goes there and at the end there was a rusty guillotine, both of them grew tense but poor Ren must feel like he’s loosing it because a bright ghost figure comes out of there and goes towards him like she knows him, and at that point its too much and finally passes out, which I would too if I was him honestly and we cut to them back at what looks like his house and we learn that he lives alone and their parents agreed on this as long as Kasumi, Ren and Shirou help each other out and what do we see as one of the ways to help each other? Why a huge gaping hole that leads to their rooms of course! From the looks of it it might have been Kasumi’s idea and possibly Shirou was the one who did the work, which speaking about him we learned that he has dropped out of school and is currently no way to be found currently, he is still hurt and pissed about their fight and wants to close up the hole leading to his room because he feels and believes he is never coming back. I feel so bad for him, it’s hard to fight with friends and even more so best friends

He goes to school the next day and learn there has been a murder and a rumor is going around that the body is headless and that a student found the body which makes Ren tense because the night before he had a nightmare where his head was about to be cut off by a guillotine which would freak me out too honestly! The timing is too perfect, and it would have me on edge if that happened to me, you already feel stressed from a horrible nightmare and then you hear there’s been a murder where the killer cut their victims head off? I’d be terrified! He skips lunch and goes to the roof where he runs into this cute and quiet girl with a sharp tongue name Rae Himuro and apparently she was the student that discovered the dead body, and it looks like it affected her, which is normal, finding a bloodied corpse isn’t normal, more so a headless one, from how she said it, it must have been disgusting to see because she felt like she lost her appetite and I’d loose mine too, heck might have the urge to either puke or faint if I saw what she did in RL.

We also see three strange people who I assume are the superhumans since they mentioned “Lord Heynrich” which I’m curious about whats going to happen next!

Now sad to say that this will be my last post for this anime, I do enjoy it, it’s very interesting but sadly I don’t have as much time on my hands as before lately and to top it off my job has been demanding since last month, so I don’t even have the energy I want and need, so for this season I want to keep it light, however I will keep watching since I do like it so far! I’m sorry again for ending it here but this is best for me, honestly I wanted to keep blogging about it but I can’t predict when something might happen again to get me behind, I’m sorry once more and thank you for taking the time to read this :) I’ll see you on my other posts!



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  1. zztop says:

    If you’re interested, Dies Irae’s source game is available on Steam with English subtitles (crowdfunded like the anime).

    Common route is free, but epilogue routes must be bought separately.

    The game’s pretty famous for being very chuunibyou in its execution and script, with lots of flowery prose you’d see a character from Kyoani’s Chuuni series spout.

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