Ballroom e Youkoso: Episode 8-9

I shall be taking over Ballroom for Charibo since she is currently on hiatus as you all know, I will do my best to review and share my thoughts with all of you! If I leave out anything or you have a thought to share with me don’t be afraid to tell me about it

Episode 8: Reality 

Tatara is more motivated than ever, which is always great, he gives it his all but in the end he gets really tired. Kiyoharu notices as well as Sengoku. He worries about him since Tatara doesn’t have an athletic body or as much stamina to go off of since he’s just started, so on top of being a beginner he’s really pushing himself to his own limits and possibly beyond that. Seeing this Sengoku decides it will be best for Tatara to rest a bit and for him to try and pace himself

Kiyoharu then explains to Fujita he is trying to compete with the wrong person in this competition. He tells him he has no chance of winning against Gaju in the first place since he is a better leader and dancer all together (Which is sad but true…I admit the jerk is good) and that he should focus on helping Mako become better than Shizuku which honestly was the point of this whole thing in the first place so it was a great reminder to him. Kiyoharu states to Tatara that he has to become “Mako’s frame”. That sounds….um poetic? I never heard that phrase before when I took social dance in high school

Around near the end Mako is starting to understand why she wasn’t working out with her brother, which was because she was unable to ask for a certain type of lead that could have her stand out more or be easier for her to keep up with, along with the fact that she’s so unsure of herself,  the girl is shy and lacks confidence and in dance you have to be confident or at least look like you are, seeing how great of a dancer her brother was as well as not believing in her own abilities and talents she thought that just following her brother’s lead would be better and felt like she wouldn’t burden him as much. Self doubt is so cruel. We have seen her dance so we know how good she is!

One thing that stuck out to me was when Tatara got absolutely frustrated with himself for not discovering dance sooner, he’s found his passion but he regrets he didn’t find it sooner which is a relate-able regret most of us has shared with something before, seeing all these amazing experienced dancers, with the body and stamina to match must have hurt him bad while he was on the floor struggling to catch his breath, I felt really bad for him, poor guy….


Episode 9: Flower and Frame

This is one of my favorite episodes so far! Last episode we saw Tatara struggle with his stamina and lack of experience, and then Kiyoharu gave him advice by becoming Mako’s frame and when he said that I thought to myself “her frame? What does that mean?” and this episode it explains just that!

When it was time for the solo dance, originally it was going to be the quickstep since the old man loves it but big breasted mommy Hyodo snuck up to him and made him change to the waltz at the last second. I missed why she changed it to waltz but regardless their reaction was priceless haha, but it was an advantage to Tatara since that’s his best dance. He was nervous and stiff, and honestly I was a bit nervous with him, I’ve been there and done that and it’s nerve wrecking and as he says you just want the song to play already! Thankfully they had a great start when the music played, they were sticking to the basics but then did one of Kiyoharu’s variation figures to a good spot in the crowd and everyone was shocked and the audience got excited, and quickly we see that they aren’t doing a routine like some thought but they were just improvising, it was a mix of basics, figures, and going in different directions which was fun to see!

The highlight of the episode for me was when Mako was getting all of the attention because Tarata made his lead centered on her and used body language to communicate with each other, the phrase flower and frame took on a whole other meaning when we saw them dance because the judges only saw Mako and didn’t know how to evaluate Tatara, and I was amazed at how he even made Mako go from cute and pretty to absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking just from dancing together! Everyone, even Gaju was floored at how much Mako was shining, it was like he couldn’t even recognize her! Sengoku made a point about how Gaju stood out too much and overshadowed Mako, that phrase is about harmony and depending on how much the frame stands out makes or breaks the couple.

when it was over everyone went crazy over Mako and the performance. Mommy Hyodo stated that if Tatara can even call himself a leader in which case I’d call him one because he put himself aside and focused on Mako and did whatever he had to to make her stand out, it made some of his moves sloppy yes but having her shine like crazy was worth it. Overall it was a great episode and their dance was my favorite so far! I’m kinda on team Mako….just a bit. I MEAN LOOK AT THEM!


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