Re:CREATORS – Episode 11 [We Can’t Decide Where We Go But You Can]


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  1. Virginia says:

    I really like your style of writing these reviews! I hope you’re not feeling pressured or anything like that and keep up the fantastic work!

    I’m worried though that Blitz Tokar’s creator is continuing on his story and end up making him more powerful. She seems interested in the circumstances but has not met Blitz yet so I guess she hasn’t completely accepted everything?

    I hope Yuya’s creator is just being a tsundere and after that last battle the deadline involves a short plot giving Yuya new powers.

    • Nikolita says:

      Oh that’s something I hadn’t thought about, Yuuya not getting Hangaku back but his creator giving him new powers instead, Hmmm!

      Yes I’m looking forward to learning more about Blitz and his story yet. I want to know why he appears to be working with Altair.

  2. zztop says:

    The online art website featured this episode is modeled after Pixiv, an actual art website which runs much like the Japanese Deviantart. You’ll need to sign up to see the art though.
    Some of the art featured there is absolutely superb – pretty much at Setsuna’s level. Here’s a few.

    Hiroe Rei’s said in the weekly interview he considers Setsuna/Yuna the main heroine of the series, and the relationship between Selesia and Matsubara a “unique father-daughter” one.
    Rui’s VA, Amamiya Sora, has confirmed more new Creations will be appearing in the 2nd half. She’s enjoyed their intro, and hopes the audience will feel the same.

    Here’s Ep 10 of the weekly gag manga.
    Would you ride the newly opened highspeed railway tunnel Selesia? ;D

    • Nikolita says:

      Ahh Pixiv! Knew it looked familiar. I know of the site and have seen some art on it, but I don’t know it very well so that’s why DA came to mind first. ^^;;

      Oh there’s a thought. Did he say why he feels Setsuna/Yuna is the main heroine of the series?

      LOL omg that’s horrible. xD I love it.

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