Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Episode 6

I…have no clue how Yotaro was able to give such an incredible performance after the scare they all had. And I felt so bad because I couldn’t enjoy his performance because I was uneasy and nervous, afraid to learn what had happened to Yakumo. He wanted to go with Konatsu to the hospital, but the look on Yakumo’s face before he was dragged away told him quite clearly that he had a job that only he could do. And that’s to give some damn good rakugo, and he did just that.

Yotaro worked so hard on “Inokori” and he delivered so well! He acted like nothing bad had happened, he didn’t let his emotions get in the way of the performance. Yotaro always said that he wanted his rakugo to entertain people and make them happy, so he had to do his very best to do that, and he did. The audience was attentive, they were smiling, they were laughing at every joke, and all around it was a spectacular performance. It was an entertaining story and I liked it but I couldn’t smile or laugh because OF YAKUMO. I was so scared of what we would learn. But I was just as sad as Yotaro as he went to the hospital and he (and Matsuda) started crying because his “Inokori” was amazing, and Yakumo wasn’t even there to hear it. That almost made me cry. Because Yotaro worked so hard. And with the added pressure of Yakumo’s collapse. Yotaro deserved the applause.

As it turns out, Yakumo suffered from a myocardial infarction which is medical jargon for a heart attack. But apparently the heart attack was so bad that it made Yakumo slip into a short coma. It was estimated that he would wake up within a week, and thank god he did. It was a happy moment as Konatsu, Shinnosuke, and Matsuda cheered and cried as he woke up, but a little sad when Yakumo muttered “Haven’t slipped away”, as if he expected to die. Considering how miserable and suicidal he’s always been, I bet he was a bit disappointed when he found out he lived.

I just…want him to be happy. But he’s just a sad man. And just by the visuals in the preview, it looks like he’s going to share a serious conversation with Konatsu. There were questionable things in the preview and we saw little Konatsu, so I think we’ll finally hear why she thinks he’s a “murderer”. Because there was something new related to last season’s accident that we never saw before.

Also, a tape of young Yakumo and Sukeroku doing rakugo. I’m…going to get emotional, again.


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