Macross Delta Episode 22

God damn it, I knew Cassim was going to die today, death flags everywhere, and it is not only devastating because he is one of my favourite Windermeres, but because he seemed to have had information regarding Hayate’s father and we got nothing, absolutely nothing. Where the hell are they going to get the information now? From the villagers? Ugh my heart hurts. RIP Cassim, he didn’t even get to go and see his family one last time because of his stupid promise to himself he will only see them afterwards. So depressing, so freaking depressing- and yes I cried.

; ____ ; RIP Cassim...

; ____ ; RIP Cassim…

They definitely gave me a fright when Hayate lost control again, (I figured it would happen). Mirage managed to help release Freyja and Hayate from probation under the condition she will be responsible for making sure they aren’t mess up. While I was already concerned about Cassim being shot down, Mirage being at point-blank shot range with Hayate running berserk was downright terrifying. I was horrified at the possibility she was going to get shot and killed right then and there. But now after thinking through of the possibility through my head, it was unlikely to happen anyways, especially so late into the series since the story simply cannot afford both Hayate and Freyja to be traumatized and lose absolute confidence in themselves for good. However I must say, I find it so ironic to hear Hayate, after being saved by Mirage (who threw herself at him) and Freyja (I honestly don’t know what she did, she was dealing with anxiety the entire time) he says right after he regains his composure, “THANK YOU I WILL NEVER LOSE CONTROL AGAIN!”

Macross Delta Ep 22 Img 0019

Dude, that’s what you said just before you undergone the operation. We’re going to have to take it with a grain of salt. Even though the girls have saved him this time, do you honestly expect any of us to believe this pattern would magically stop occurring? Of course not, it’s a pattern for a reason, Hayate is now extremely vulnerable to Freyja’s voice. So until they figure out how to prevent it from happening again, (perhaps by taking away his necklace which may be the solution), it is bound to reoccur once more – or so that’s what you would expect after a pattern has been established.

Then there is Mikumo, although she looked fine, I don’t feel like she’s fine at all. Maybe I am overthinking it, but it does worry me how often she keeps saying, “I am me”. It’s like she is trying to convince herself that despite the fact she is a clone of another, she is able to forge her own identity. But regardless, despite her own ordeals, she is not letting the truth of her birth (and the fact she is actually three years old, something she has started joking about now being the youngest member), she is keeping herself focused on the task at hand. I do however feel she may waver when she starts getting closer to learning how she is the Star Singer (since I am not entirely sure if she is aware of it herself).

Macross Delta Ep 22 Img 0013

Damn, she does it so elegantly too…

Other than that, it was like a breath of fresh air to see her slap Freyja (all while still singing!) in the face. Someone needed to do it, and really the only one who can is Mikumo. Freyja needed the ‘Pull yourself together!’ reality check. While is completely understandable she is concerned about Hayate’s well-being, and today justified her uncertainty and lack of confidence to the situation, she really needed to make up her mind. She was only slowing down the operation, increasing the risk for the entire team. I don’t know what she is going to do next time because I mentioned earlier, Hayate can talk all he wants about how he will never lose control again, but until they actually come up with a solution to prevent him from losing control, I don’t think Freyja is going to have the confidence to sing- unless she has absolute faith in Mirage to protect him. This is definitely going to require teamwork among the three of them if they all want to succeed and protect one another.

Macross Delta Ep 22 Img 0006Finally last but not least, I am so glad Keith is trying to subtly nudge Heinz to start making decision on his own. Heinz is putting way too much trust and faith into Roid, who has proven to have shifted his focus, murdered the King and likely had altered the “Will of King Gramia” to his benefit. I would really love to see Heinz make his own decision and find his own true wind, because right now, he is merely being carried adrift by another which is not his own. And before the series come to a close, I would love to see the effect of Heinz’s true wind.

OH and more one thing: Roid totally closed off the Sanctum because he doesn’t want anyone to know about the truth of the Wind Singer. I highly doubt it has anything to do with Heinz collapsing and causing an entire planet’s population to fall into a comatose state.


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2 Responses

  1. South says:

    It was a bit silly but it’s one of the things that one has to skip to enjoy how Hayate came to self so…easily. Not only Mirage had effect (honestly…why) but Freyja sang and he also came to himself because of the two. So Freyja’s singing now curses and cures him? I mean it was always weird how she powered him up and then it took a wrong path and he started getting Var, which I assume was for both extreme feelings towards each other (but only if they are endgame this will make sense). And I can imagine this Hayate gets Freyja’d completely cure by the next episodes…hope I’m wrong, I feel they need a talk to resolve stuff and. The thing is, if Hayate takes that pendant and doesn’t resonate with Freyja…well he hasn’t proved he is an extremely good pilot by himself, it’s mostly HayaFre fly+sing combi that they wanted to take advantage of in the battlefield.

    I liked Cassim but I thought he was going to die already before this one so no surprise there, just that, they are in war, he will kill Hayate by any means…and it’s suppose to be like that ofc, but then he falls and Hayate goes to what? Make sure he is okay. I buy it Hayate is a good person but what, Cassim doesn’t die and they keep fighting to death? Guess for honour and all it makes sense but for life and death it felt weird.

    I’m glad Keith is stepping up, I hope he does big things towards the end of the series. Both him and Mikumo.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I know right? That’s why I really didn’t get how Freyja’s voice suddenly contributed to saving him. You can’t have it both ways, it creates a contradiction. :\

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