Macross Delta Episode 19

Now that was one heck of an information dump, but at least one thing for sure was cleared up: Mikumo is NOT Lady M. I always thought it was her, but nope, Mikumo is likely a ‘weapon’ so to speak, created by Lady M, (who is, if I understood correctly) the head of Chaos organization. Rumors have it that Chaos have been trying to create the ultimate music weapon, and that is likely to be Mikumo.Macross Delta Ep 19 Img 0033 If this is the case, I really hope we start seeing the group cater their attention more towards Mikumo. For a while it has always been about taking care of Freyja because she is their newest member, but little did they know, while Mikumo had a mysterious past and often sought to be alone, it’s not like she didn’t want to hang out with people, or celebrate birthdays. It certainly felt as if the members didn’t really try to get to know Mikumo more, and let just her be. I also expect to see more focus on Mikumo thanks to this revelation of how Chaos has been working to utilize music as a weapon for warfare. In fact, I think it goes without saying I am far more interested in Mikumo’s storyline than Freyja x Hayate’s loveline. And speaking of which, I don’t think Mirage even has a fighting chance for her feelings to be reciprocated (which makes me sad despite the fact I am not particularly invested in the romance taking place).

Macross Delta Ep 19 Img 0020The history session of how music been incorporated into Warfare definitely made me want to complete the marathon of all of the Macross series sooner than later. This episode was a great way to encourage new fans/first-time viewers to go back to watch the older series to learn more about the Macross Universe. While you don’t necessarily to have watched the previous Macross Series to enjoy Macross Delta (I know this because Macross Frontier was my first Macross series), they have been dropping several Easter-eggs for the veteran fans, so after doing a full marathon of the entire franchise, it definitely makes it a fun idea to rewatch the series to see what you didn’t catch the first time.

Meanwhile in the Windermere Kingdom, suspicions are in the air. With King Heinz unconscious and out of commission for the time being, they cannot continue their ‘liberation of the galaxy’. Keith expresses his concern and frustration for the fact he and the others were not warned of the experiment to be to risky, so much so it had impacted them. Roid says he was ‘careless’, but Keith knows that is BS. Roid’s face said the opposite, he is excited and wanted to continue these experimentation and studies. It certainly didn’t help how he is increasingly displaying his obsession with being the ‘True Heirs of Protoculture’ and how they are in fact the ‘Ultimate’ Humanoid Species. He also aspires to see/make King Heinz transcend to the Star Singer.

Macross Delta Ep 19 Img 0029And if that wasn’t troubling enough, King Heinz’s doctor seems to have knowledge of something no one else knows about. He looked incredibly troubled in the beginning and tried to approach Keith at the end of the episode, but he couldn’t say it there because there were others around. Whatever it is, it is about King Gramia, and I wonder if it has anything to do with his will. Hopefully Keith will seek the man out again, because the last thing he or anyone else needs is the one guy with the information to be eliminated.



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8 Responses

  1. Lin says:

    Roid acknowledged that Mikumo is special as she can use the power of the ruins in a way that not even Heinz can do. Still, I think he’s not fully aware of what Mikumo really is. For all his obsession with the Protoculture, he hasn’t realized that Mikumo is most likely a Protoculture songstress herself. I’m pretty sure of that because when Berger was talking about the song that saved Earth during the first Space War (DYRL), there was a shot of a group of girls that looked just like Mikumo, singing in the Protoculture city on Earth from the DYRL movie.

    Here’s the shot

    See? They’re just like Mikumo. Mikumo’s either one of them, or was cloned from their DNA. Either way, she’s more Protoculture than the Windermerians could ever hope to be.

    • Eva says:

      I thought so too. They really do look alike. And if she does turn out to be one of them or even a clone, all I can say is, “I @#()*!#ing KNEW IT! I KNEW SHE WAS CONNECTED TO PROTOCULTURE!”


      Gosh I have so much marathoning to do, but I will never get it done before the series ends XD Oh well I’ll have to rewatch it, not that I would mind. ;)

  2. South says:

    I hope Mirage has a storyline even if forced outside of Hayate. There’s literally nothing for her to do. I think she’d make a good team with Mikumo in whatever she could assist her with.

    I do ship HayaFre but honestly unless they kill Freyja there hasn’t been a triangle, it was always about those two resonating like hell. Everything towards Hayate –> Mirage at this point will look so forced, especially when all the shit happening, and there’s bound to be more HayaFre with all this mind control and Freyja’s probable my voice is a weapon can’t sing phase.

    It’s like if Mirage wasn’t a figure in the opening I wouldn’t care at all about her part in all of this, every Walkure member is more important and had more screentime at this point.

    Besides that damn Mikumo is definitely a highlight in this series, I can’t wait to see what’s for her, but IA Windermeare won’t really have a chance against her.

    I really want Keith to play a bigger part in everything as well, the enemy so far hasn’t impressed me much.

    • Eva says:

      :( Yeah I wish Mirage would have a storyline of her own, I don’t’ like how her role has basically been reduced to suffering unrequited love. It would be really cool if she and Mikumo could team up as they are the two characters who are kind of find themselves lingering outside of the pack.

      I am a little sad how Mikumo’s storyline started so late, her character has always intrigued me, and I really hope she will be able to shine spotlight a bit more from this point on. I also agree with you about wanting Keith to play a bigger role as well, his contribution has been pretty linear so far. I hope things will shake up for him once he finds out the information from the doctor, I would hope it will make him a lot more proactive than he is right now.

  3. kyun~kyun says:

    Eva if you liked the ED song this episode you should definetly check out the new Walkure CD that was released. It has the full length of that song, and the lyrics for Mikumo are really sad.

  4. zer0sen says:

    asking permission for comment

    this episode made me sure that mikumo is not Lady M, (there are hints from recent episode though ^^;)
    IMO, future episode will reveal who is mikumo, how she deals with reality as a member of walkure. some truth that she is a “product”, a weapon “for mass destruction” maybe made her shocked…. or she already know that? who knows aren’t we?
    and then maybe all background history of all walkure member will be revealed

    scene of all macross flashback sure bring back memories and nostalgic feeling for old timer like me :D
    as for the triangle, looks like freyja will hold back his feeling towards hayate prior the incident how her song can made nasty effect for him. mirage will have her screen time more often and i hope she will make her move :D

    there is something that bugging me, you know that hayate’s father is the one who drop dimensional bomb in windermere right? maybe there is some relation about how the singing of the songstress can influence the mind with that incident (some test drive for mikumo?). or maybe there some “ugly truth” about the history of windermerians as they are the one (for now) that has fold quartz and fold receptor at the same time (althought my biggest absurd theory is, all mikumo’s hair is Rune ^^; )

    thanks and sorry for bad english T.T

    • Eva says:

      OH you are always welcomed to comment!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 And no worries about your English, it's fine!

      //there is something that bugging me, you know that hayate’s father is the one who drop dimensional bomb in windermere right? maybe there is some relation about how the singing of the songstress can influence the mind with that incident (some test drive for mikumo?)//

      … I didn’t even think of that, but omg, maybe you’re right. That could definitely be a possibility.

      // (althought my biggest absurd theory is, all mikumo’s hair is Rune ^^; )//

      Ahahaha! I considered that a couple of times too! XD

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