Active Raid Episode 8 [ My Husbando! ]

Alright, I confess. It’s not fair of me to talk about this episode at all because I love Soichiro. From episode 1 I wanted to know more about Soichiro and I liked him immensely, so I can’t sit here and really make an impartial diagnosis about whether the problems in Active Raid are fixed because I could probably watch Soichiro do anything (except blindly fight Takeru) for hours and just be chill with it. That being said, I genuinely do think this episode of Active Raid picked up the pace a little bit.

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We all can tell that Soichiro and Takeru have some immense pride, but it is a matter of sincerity in this episode as we learn about Soichiro’s past with a woman. This was a woman who was technically far above him that he left, and when I watched it it struck a nerve. I have been in both people’s places before: the person leaving when they have less to offer, the person who was left when they supposedly have it all. It takes you to a new place. Maybe sometimes the show loses me because I have no frame of reference, but I kept a lot of this together.

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I was basically moved the entire time for one reason or another. Seeing Soichiro’s dedication to his division even in full swing in his love life? Priceless. Seeing his ex be petty and kind of get what was coming to her? Priceless. Seeing it be a much more complicated issue than was initially thought, and seeing all the fighting that goes on between them and how the episode resolves? Alright, again, it’s very hard for me to be impartial and talk about this episode as a non biased reviewer.

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So instead, watch this episode of Active Raid. The pacing is generally good, the character we are focusing on now is definitely someone worth watching, and I felt some of the issues I had from before were resolved. But I’m pretty much the trash Soichiro needs to take out. *swoon* . . .I’m not gonna lie though, the comments about being a stain on someone’s life. . .damn this episode hit me in the feels.

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