Active Raid Episode 7 [ This is a Real Plot! ]

Every week in Active Raid I find myself in a precarious position. I took on this show in hopes that it would make me feel the same way Tiger and Bunny did, a smooth inversion of tropes I could remark upon and give opinions for. As it stands, Active Raid tends to make me feel a lot less than Tiger and Bunny did while still remaining a show that largely keeps its bargains. So, in summary, I do not enjoy Active Raid as much as I want to but the issues are largely my preferences and have little to do with the shows actual ability to keep itself consistent. If anything this episode was a strong one because it continued the theme of developing all of the characters in the team while bringing in the darker side of Logos, and the opening changed to reflect the change in atmosphere.

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So what do I personally feel about Active Raid? I think the show has a problem with capturing interest because despite developing the characters with episodes, I do still end up feeling withdrawn and more or less along for the concept of the ride than the actual ride itself. While the ending of this episode is emotional and made me feel something for the characters it is still not making me invested in the outcome of the show. I feel a lot of the times like the characters are all very well drawn and conceptually strong, but fail to be more than their character designs or given argumentative sides in any scene.

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As a writer, I can acknowledge that Active Raid does a lot to make itself work. It keeps a clear consistent art style that crisply tells a story, it incorporates humor, it integrates every character into its plot seamlessly, and it tends to amp up the ordeals of the characters in an efficient manner. So what is it missing? I would say the nature of Logos is very scattered, from seeming like a joke to a very serious antagonist. Maybe one could argue the show is partially comedy so it is trying to fit into that: but that’s just it, I can’t tell if the show is doing that on purpose or this is just something to grow accustomed to.

[HorribleSubs] Active Raid - 07 [720p].mkv_20160219_232514

I liked this episode of Active Raid enough. So far, this anime is a neutral force. It is not terrible, but it is not something I especially enjoy watching or talking about. Maybe that can change now that the show itself is changing.




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