Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note Episode 3: [Clues]


Will we finally find out who stole Wakatake’s freaking mountain bike in this week’s episode? The suspense is killing me. So without further ado, let’s find out ! ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

The mysterious call that Aya’s mom received at the end of the previous episode was actually Wakatake. He gave Aya more information about the robbery at the convenience store even if her mom had already told her everything 5 minutes ago. Sorry Wakatake-kun you’re late. Now, we know that Aya’s family is composed of her mother, her older brother Yuki (who is good looking a great student and also good at sports) and of her little sister. She feels a little left behind since her mom only seems to care abut her little sister and she’s really proud of her older brother Yuki. No wonder she’s used to be a loner if even her own mother doesn’t care about her. Yeah, I wouldn’t like to be in her place right now. This is not the best social environment for a child to grow up in…                  ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ

As for the mystery of the missing bike they managed to found it in a rubbish dump. They also guessed that the missing mountain bike case is linked to the robbery at the convenience store. While escaping after the robbery, the car of the culprit hit the bike in front of the convenience store. After dragging it for a certain time, the robber threw it in a rubbish dump. By analyzing the dirt on the bike’s tires they find out that the it belongs to the Northern area of Nitta City. I’m still wondering how kids can guess which dirt belongs to which area and I’m not even sure if adults can do it. But oh well, fiction it is ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ

So, according to their multiples strange deductions they know that the culprit drives a green car and lives in Nitta City. Because Wakatake has no chill they decide to not inform the police of their discoveries and to punish the culprit themselves. I’m not so sure about this Wakatake, usually doing justice all by yourself doesn’t work out. At least not in fictions. you should read Death note (I can’t think of any other examples  right now but I’m sure there’s plenty of them). Also, I’m not sure that wanting to punish an adult because he didn’t care about a kid’s stuff is a good reason. Futhermore it wasn’t the robber’s goal to steal the bike in the first place, it was taken away by accident. Stop thinking that you are the center of the world Wakatake ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ


So, you’re like a gold digger but for fame ? Cuz he ain’t messin’ with no broke nigga ♪ ♫

Regarding Aya’s relationships with the others characters, she finally sees them as her friends. She also understands hat you can’t do everything all by yourself. She has to rely on her friends in order to produce the best that she could possibly do. So she accepts to help them reading the composition of the paint found on the bike in order to figure out the model and the brand of the culprit’s car. But, Oh SNAP ! It’s in German ! So yes, Aya might be great at reading Kanjis (God dammit Kanjis I despise you)  but german, that’s another kettle of fish !

Overall this was again a pleasant episode. But I’m getting a bit frustrated with this show. The format (only 9 minutes per episode) don’t allow too much plot development. It’s already the third episode and they haven’t solve the bike mystery yet. Well, I don’t usually watch shorts but I have the impression that the bike story has already lasted for ages (even if it’s actually only been 27 minutes for this mystery). It’s frustrating in the sense that you have to wait one week to only get a little part of the story. I would like to see them solve other mysteries. Yeah, I’m sorry for you Wakatake, I like you but I couldn’t care less about your bike ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ

So, will they succeed in overcoming the language barrier and find the filthy bike robber ? The answer in next week’s episode !



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