Go! Princess Precure Episode 32

This week’s episode of Go! Princess Precure was fairly boring. The premise was harmless, but at the end of the day – it was a merely a filler, served to allow us, the audience to see the seeds of despair sprouting throughout the city over time. Stop and Freeze were merely stirring up trouble to serve as a decoy and as instructed, draw out all the despair use whatever they got to ‘water’ the seeds of despair. But I like seeing them be passive for an exchange because as I have said many times, the enemies have a new creative counter measure and now they aren’t wasting their energy trying to beat the Precure, they are going to attack them once the time is right. Right now, Close’s job as the leader is to do check-ups on their ‘garden’, stay out of the battle and make sure the Precures remain oblivious to their developing counter-attack. I do wonder though if this strategy were to continue for a couple of episodes,  one of the girls or the fairies would pick up something is off about the way their enemies are behaving. The only way to prevent them from growing suspicions, would to be present at the scene where the brawl is happening. Or, they will throw another curve-ball (which my bias is hoping) with Dark!Kanata making debut.

Kimimaro, what did I think of him? … Nothing really. He was just there for the episode and we will never see him again. I suppose that’s why his jealousy episode towards Haruka blew past me like the wind. I knew he wasn’t a threat, so it couldn’t impact me whatsoever. What I did appreciate was his authentic adoration towards Minami, and while he was thrown off guard by her change, by the end of the episode, regardless of that, he still harbored his childhood crush towards her. I find that sweet because it just shows how much he likes her. He just gotta lay off a bit and be less dramatic. Minami looked burdened by his actions in attempt shower her with his love. Unfortunately for him it looks like it is one-sided, and will stay that will especially since it was him who declared her as his fiance- so it was no way official (which is a refreshing and clever change of the TV-Trope).

Next week, Miss Shamour is with a party of cats, and Lock has awaken so it will be interesting to see if his behavior will change at all. That being said, with talking cats and so on, and my distaste towards Lock being a fairy, I can’t say I am looking forward to this episode (unless Close looking angry is a sign of DARK!Kanata, then you have my attention (and if so: will probably be the cliffhanger of the episode). So unless that happens, it will just another filler we got to live with.
At least Shut will be back in the field. I HOPE HE AND TOWA CAN FINALLY TALK!!!!!



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7 Responses

  1. Well, this episode was a filler indeed, Eva. But still, I also think that this one is amusing, funny and has very good quotes from Minami/Mermaid.

    First of all, I was hoping and it came true. The opening has new great changes!
    Close is back and fights Flora with his new and powerful look! Hooray!
    Furthermore, Stop and Freeze aren’t shadows anymore and now faces Mermaid and Twinkle! Hooray!
    And Shut is challenging Scarlett! Hooray again!
    Those changes really made me happy! :D

    I agree that the Dysdark now has a new goal and Close is really doing his dark duty, while the Princess warriors are unaware of it. I must write, these villains and their plots are very different than the latest ones from the predecessors of the Pretty Cures franchise.

    Now, about the main part of the episode, seeing Kimimaro to be jealous of Haruka is “dramatically” funny, but when he make his bad plot towards her to stay away from Minami really made me angry! And yet, Minami was there and overheard which delighted me that Kimimaro got busted and for a good reason. I was like “that serves you right”. Oh well, at least he learned a lesson from his actions about friendship and how to understand feelings of others like Haruka’s.

    Poor Haruka that she got her “mind poisoned”, but Minami gave her the “antidote” and she truly, as I always believe, never wants to lose her no matter what! Mermaid said to Flora many good things during the battle. And I found it touching and wonderful. I’m glad to see that Minami knows that she has changed but she likes it thanks to Haruka. I was like “Yes! I couldn’t agree more, Mermaid”. True Friendship! Glad to see Haruka “healed” and happy again! :D

    And one more thing, I also like Haruka/Flora the way she is too! ^^

    As always, I’m curious about the next episode. I can’t be sure how Lock is going to behave now that he’s a fairy and with Miss Shamour! And I can’t wait to see Shut again, especially when in front of Scarlet! XD

    PS: The two new cures from the movie are kawaii for sure. Too bad they’ll just appear in a movie and not in the series.
    I hope the movie (with three stories) is good or even great.

  2. Yoru says:

    I’m gonna be honest and say that Kimimaro was so annoying he made my most hated anime character list. I know he’s just in one episode (thank god for that!) but he to me was so unlikable, I didn’t find him funny at all.I just wanted to beat him senseless! I know Shut can be sorta like that but Shut has just a way better personality. He never really puts down others personally. Sometimes he will make sneering comments or of course, wanting to destroy the precure but that’s because he doesn’t want to die, which makes Shut much more willing to feel sympathy towards. Kimimaro’s life was never on the line and he’s the “rich person who isn’t in touch with reality” which is my least favorite character type.

    The only thing that I find hilarious is the fact that his dream to marry Minami will NEVER come true. That was the only part I found funny.

  3. Ayal92 says:

    Kimimaro was really annoying, I think a personality more strict and serious would have worked better. At least he will be forever alone *insert evil laughter*. Next episode Shut loses part of his makeup (purification?), we finally meet and perhaps there will be something about amnesic/brainwashed Kanata.

  4. Bethany says:

    Okay, the two so called movie exclusive Pretty Cure aren’t Pretty Cure! The pumpkin princess known as Panpururu Princess has “Pretty Cure” mentioned in her description but the sentence is along the lines of “being saved by Pretty Cure”. The red girl is Refi who actually looks like a Pretty Cure but from her description, i think she’s just a princess of the night kingdom. Sorry, i had to get that out of the way since it annoyed me how everyone was saying they were movie exclusive Pretty Cure when they’re not. I think though that Refi has magical powers that can aid the Cures when they get in pinch.

    Anyway, i really didn’t mind this episode due to the adorable Haruka & Minami moments. Kimimaro, hmmm… he was a little annoying but he didn’t get on my nerves too much.

    • Eva says:

      I would still cosplay the Panpururu Princess :P I LOVE HER DESIGN! =3= Too bad she isn’t a precure

  5. Keiko says:

    Actually, I find this episode very funny yet has meaningful quotes coming from our waving Minamin/Mermaid (and really deserves to have some MOAR development). The new OP this time with Close (again), Stop, Freeze and Shut makes me happy and… Can Kimimaro include in the “other supporting characters transparent lineup” this Sunday? Hmm…

    Speaking of Kimimaro, I’m super agree that he’s damn annoying despite being a celeb and Minamin’s “future hubby.” What’s worse, he even wrecked Haru-Haru and told that to stay away from Minamin, which made me shock and pissed off, ugh! >_< But our Minamin fought back for her blooming friend and stated that Kimimaro doesn't know about Haru-Haru's feelings at all (although I'm about to ship Minamin and Kimimaro, but pffft that's NOT GONNA HAPPENED unless he's a changed man). I like what Mermaid said to Flora during the fight that she really likes the current side of her. See? Minamin's social core got expanded. That's really the power of friendship and yet it's a common trope on the Cure leader and her vice-chief having that stuff in the Pretty Cure Series.

    Then on Flora, well again from a longtime Cure fan like myself has already know about her personality since the beginning and yet she can do and learn about everything. I think this thingy Haru-Haru has right now that the first nine Cure leaders almost ain't have or quite have similarities.

    I've learned about Dys Dark's plan about planting despair seeds over Yumegahama, in which our royal fighters and their allies (incl. Yui-Yui) were unaware thanks to Close. I'm no a fortune teller nor an analyst, but I think something might terribly happened to our dear Princess Cures as we're about to witness the season finale arc. But let's just wait and see.

    On the end cards special, I was totally surprised still that Yui-Yui was included in the movie and thus, she already followed Seiji's footsteps (Hooray for Haruka Yoshimura!!!). Then the pumpkin princess and her kidnapping makes me too curious as well as the part ft. Refi. Oh well, we've gotta wait for the special openings on the upcoming GPPC movie though. :3

    And… Oh yeah, Lock… We mean Kuroro gets awake next week! Hopefully that he'd be a different one than Phan-Phan.

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