Rokka no Yuusha Episode 8: The Average Man and the Genius

“If I kill everyone, I’m sure to find the enemy!”


I’m really creeped out and yet strangely fascinated by Chamot.

Rokka 8 Img042

I was looking forward to seeing what she could do, but now mostly regret remains – with that fluffy grass thing especially. I mean, it’s not even crucial to her power – well, it is, but it’s not a special unique item or anything. It’s just something she uses to make her gag and throw up, so she can vomit out all the monsters that ‘live happily’ in her stomach. A part of me thinks it’s cool that I got to see something new, but I’m also filled with disgust and a bit of pity. I don’t even know what I was expecting. I just thought being the Saint of Swamps meant that she’d be able to do… swampy things. I knew she was going to put the thing in her mouth, and then… I don’t know, something would happen when she bit on it? How am I supposed to prepare myself for her deep throating it before puking out the contents of an entire freaking swamp? And she’s throwing up stuff she’s eaten! Chamot eats everything she kills! 

Also, after she’s thrown it all up, how does it get back inside her?

Actually, I don’t want an answer. Sorry for asking.

Rokka 8 Img044

chamot why

Rokka 8 Img032No wonder Fremy ran. As for what Chamot is actually doing with her swamp friends (i.e. directing them to attack and kill Adlet and Hans) it’s pretty standard behaviour for her. At least we can confirm she’s not the fake, purely on grounds of stupidity like I’ve said before – she really was just playing outside when she went outside by herself, and wanted to start killing stuff because she was bored. In attacking Adlet and Hans she’s not trying to support the Demon God, she’s just doing it because why not – and maybe she can eat them after she’s killed them so she can acquire little swamp versions of them both that live inside her stomach. In fact, for all intents and purposes, her personality and mindset makes her not all that different from the seventh Brave. She’s not even listening to them! The bigger problem now is that Adlet and Hans can’t exactly kill her because she’s supposed to be a comrade, and they’ve already missed their best opportunity to take her out – which was while she was standing still and gagging, with all the puke coming out of her. But I guess anyone new to her ability would pretty much react like they did, which is to just stare at her in disbelief and shock. Chamot does look quite scared of Maura, so she may be able to help – but that’s not exactly comforting, because right now she looks suspicious as fuck.

Rokka 8 Img045I mean, she was basically attempting to wheedle out more information from a not-so-impressed Fremy while repeating that she trusts her – you know, regardless of whether Maura is the fake or not, I’d have thought she was smarter than that. And she even urged Fremy to kill Adlet on sight – think about what that means if she turned out to be the fake. If Fremy kills Adlet, and Adlet is revealed to have been a real Brave, then her position suddenly becomes terrible, because everyone was going to suspect her next and she just murdered a genuine Brave. As for what Adlet managed to realize, which was that Hans and Chamot have no idea how the barrier activates, that doesn’t change too much since I never really suspected those two anyway – if we knock off Adlet and Fremy, that leaves Maura, Nashetania and Goldof, which is how it’s been for a couple of episodes now. It was really cool that Adlet managed to convert Hans though, first by missing on purpose and then passing his little test. Hans went from Adlet’s most vocal antagonist to his most reliable companion – there’s nothing the most average man in the world can’t do! Not even real-life baseball can stop him for more than a day!


I love cute things.

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17 Responses

  1. gorgonzola says:

    Some hero characters are probably a weakness to the season. This first season is the core to me but there’s that much one can do with the pieces, hype the little you want to show (such as powers), chamo plays the strongest one (the most stacked at least) with very little story life behind her. She thinks at the end of the day people depend on her and stuff so I suppose Mora plays on chamo’s affection for her. The author never talked about it in the novels but I don’t think it’s a stretch to think of the relationship as abusive on Mora’s part – not saying she’s a bitch and stuff but circumstances demand a direction and Chamo has no experience of weakness to begin with soooooo what I’m trying to say is things burn slow.

    • Vantage says:

      I can see why she’d be considered the strongest, but it doesn’t feel right to define a ‘strong’ person as one who retches stuff up and uses it to attack stuff for her, haha.

      Also Adlet’s the strongest! Strongest in the world, even!

      • gorgonzola says:

        Yeah but you would like some easy feedback and decision making in combat to make it believable and easy to develop. Like, you don’t want something overwhelming as superman only to come up with dedicated weaknesses such as kriptonite. You want guns and covers.. The powers of the saints are bonkers but still very game-y and manageable. And even when it’s not, that is to say in goldov’s case of being the strongest around, a paralised mind is given (hasn’t thought of anything but jealousy yet).
        So the underling rule is that who sacrifices the most stacks win and beyond that there are tactical options that are hard to see. Adlet is mainly a cheater so that the author doesn’t have to think that hard about combat but the economy of the whole thing says it makes sense to build stacks as long as that makes you stronger. It favours pragmatism ’cause wars are not meritocratic or bound by fate, the highlight is that if you kill the stronger you become the strong one. It makes me wonder if someone has to sacrifice to kill the majin.

  2. gorgonzola says:

    Btw by abuse I mean trivial things such as “don’t make me angry or else I won’t like you anymore”, not going to read things further than this.

  3. zztop says:

    Purging after binge eating…sounds like magical bulimia to me.

    • Vantage says:

      I didn’t know what that meant, but now I do! Yay for learning new things :D

      She must have a really damaged digestive system. It looks like such an uncomfortable power, both for herself and for the people watching her…

      • Wanderer says:

        It has been explained to me elsewhere that Chamo doesn’t actually HAVE a digestive system any more. When they say she has a swamp in her stomach, it would be more accurate to say there is a swamp in the place where her stomach should be. And it’s more like an extradimensional space, because anything, no matter how large, can fit in it.

        But anyway, Chamo doesn’t EAT like a normal person any more. Becoming the saint of swamps has in fact significantly altered her physiology. That also, apparently, is the reason why she still looks like a 7-year-old (how old she was when she got her powers) despite being 14: her body hasn’t received any sort of nutrients, or anything at all, to allow her to grow further. She is being kept alive by the power of her god.

        • I am also creeped out, yet strangely fascinated by Chamot.

          What I want to know most is: is she holding back? I doubt she’s showing off her best pets to Adlet and Hans, but I’m mainly concerned about the windup time for her powers. IT’S SO LONG! However, the opening shows her to have some “mad hops”, so perhaps tumbling about can help her throw up faster and she can just do it while moving. Also…

          “Chamot has never [eaten a Demon God] before, but she’ll do her best!” O_O is that going to be a goal or twist at some point? IS CHAMOT GOING TO DE-*arrested by the Decency squad*

          I hope the LN goes into details about her, her family, her mentality and growth. I mean, at 7 she wasn’t wondering about monster under the bed as much as monsters in her stomach ;_;

          I also feel sorry for anyone who’s ever been charmed by her in recent history. Either they’re much younger and find out she’s potentially twice their age, thus leading to some kind of condescending speech by Chamot… or they’re near her age and subject to being called a lolicon for liking her since she looks 7. Cri evrytime

          • Vantage says:

            Who would be charmed by her though? Anyone that’s not Maura must be terrified of being attacked out of boredom any time they’re near her. Putting aside the loli thing, her personality and the fact that she’s going to be vomiting things out on a regular basis from now on is already a huge turn-off.

            Although if this is the sort of thing that excites someone, then well…

        • gorgonzola says:

          So shes’s never going to grow into a woman? Harsh

  4. I also agree that Adlet, Hans and Chamot are ruled out, at least, as far as being traitorous of their own volition. Goldof, well, I just outright doubt that he’d be the traitor. That just leaves Nashetania and Mora.


    Yup, we all received an unfortunate dose of suspicion after her kill-on-sight order and she’s got splooge-sucker Chamot on a leash. Besides, she’s got the key which shouldn’t “break” so much as undo the seal and she could easily pass it on to someone. I maintain that the door has to be able to be closed with the key, otherwise anyone who stayed in the temple to keep the Fiends at bay is at risk of being bombed via explosives thrown in the entrance, or even just being rushed… even if only 1 out of 1000 Fiends doing so made it inside by brute force despite the pain.

    Her reasons? Well we’ve not heard much about her life aside from overseeing the Saints. A double-cross is entirely possible in light of her also knowing of the village that went missing – who are quite likely the people that built Fremy’s Saint of Gunpowder temple – and she feels she must correct that. After all there’s no guarantee the typical path to war against the Demon God would allow her the freedom or access to get to that temple and destroy it before more Saints of Gunpowder were born. I know there’s supposedly one per generation, but that’s all the more reason for Fremy to be targeted to the mantle could be passed on.

    As for Nashetania I think…

    She’s the 7th, but NOT a traitor, since everyone else has more battle experience than her and she even said if she got chosen then of course Goldof would, making her sound like an extra. I highly doubt the Demon God could forge the symbol of the Braves, unless it somehow fetched enough petals off of each past Brave that was killed to somehow forge it.

    This is a little crazy… but I think that she may even be a shapeshifting Fiend who was adopted by the king either on purpose or by accident and/or that civil war was due to something like her trying to create peace between people and Fiends, thus the cause(s) for why she was hunted for a long time. For the record I think that the latter reason is far more likely given the effects of the Pillars of Salt. I mean, maybe you could say that shapeshifting reduces their effects and caused her previously seen exhaustion, but that’s far more of a stretch than a princess who simply tried to take the path to peace despite being a Saint who had the potential to and eventually did become a Brave.

    On the matter of an 8th…

    It’s entirely possible, either as a Brave or simply an accomplice. There is no specified reason why the Braves have been a troupe of 6 in the past other than it being judged as enough to defeat the Demon God. After learning that there are various Fiend sects that have almost no interaction with each other it’s entirely possible that Fremy will soon have a “little brother” or “little sister”.

    • gorgonzola says:

      Goldof’s quite the shinji ikari of the bunch isn’t he.

    • Vantage says:

      I think from a default position, Maura is someone more trustworthy than the others because she has responsibility over the Saints and the profile and authority that comes with it. But her actions since the barrier went up and possible reasons yet undisclosed may very well make her the traitor. The village that went missing is implied to be Adlet’s – I guess the crow-like Fiend really did take them all away.

      If Nashetania is a Fiend, then I doubt she’d have become a Saint who inherited her powers instead of a newly created one – not that I know how the process occurs. I think it’s a stretch, but then again I did wildly guess that she could be the Fiend leader from last episode in human form.

      There are six Braves because that’s the way the Saint of the Single Flower wanted it. So presumably there’ll only ever be six legit Braves per cycle, and any others are fakes regardless of their intentions.

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