Ore Monogatari!! Episode 14 (Totally Not At Tokyo Disneyland)

You know, when this series first came out, I was really excited, and for the first few episodes, I thought it was one of the best romance shows I’ve seen in a long time….I say that, because unfortunately it’s succumbing to the issue that a lot of romance shows do. The fact that it’s still going. See, I think this idea works really well for a 13 episode series. I wasn’t sure if it could hold its own for 24, and sadly, it’s kind of coming true with this episode. What do I mean by that? Well let me describe what happens.

So the episode starts up and the gang from last episode are heading out to go to “Totally Not Tokyo Disneyland”. At it the guy who likes Suna’s sister is going to do his damndest to make sure that she tells Takeo how she feels.

This is less funny and more awkward and sad

This is less funny and more awkward and sad

Now, here’s the thing about this episode. For the longest time, there isn’t really a whole lot of plot. Really it boils down to the guy trying to get Takeo alone with her so she can tell him how she feels.

After a while he finally succeeds and manages to separate the two groups using the excuse that he wants to get some popcorn. She and Takeo are finally alone. However not willing to explain that she likes him, they instead go on a bunch of rides together.

They're in Epcot now?

They’re in Epcot now?

Spending time with Takeo she realizes just how much she likes him and asks if he remembers that he said she looked like a flower. He says that he doesn’t, but then says she looks like the exact same flower he did when he was a kid.

(sigh) show, what do you want from me?

(sigh) show, what do you want from me?

This is point when she is about to tell him, but the bell rings signifying that it’s time for the night parade. This interrupting her, she decides not to tell him and tells her friend that she’s okay with things being this way forever even though she still likes him. And other than some Takeo/Yamato fluff, that’s really the end of the episode.

Now, if you’re reading this recap, you’ll notice something. And that’s…. that there aren’t a lot of jokes. Why is that you may ask? Because…honestly.. I didn’t like this episode. But it wasn’t a “Grr Vanadis you suck!” kind of bad. It’s more of a….uncomfortable bad. I didn’t enjoy this episode…like… at all.

That look right there. That's the entire episode

That look right there. That’s the entire episode

There were some cute scenes with the guy being funny to try to get her to confess to Takeo, but…all in all. This episode left me feeling very very uncomfortable. Here’s the thing. I LIKE Suna’s sister. She’s actually one of my favorite characters. And the situation she’s put in, is very…it’s not a good place to be in. She’s being pressed to tell a guy she likes that she likes him, which is hard enough on its own. But she is a very good person and would never try to break up Yamato and Takeo because she knows they belong together.

There is really nothing funny or good about the setup of this episode. It really just left a disgusting taste in my mouth. This is definitely the low point of the series. I know some people may disagree with me, but that’s the way I thought of this episode.

Seriously, this poor girl. Jesus

Seriously, this poor girl. Jesus

Look. You’re trying to make us like Yamato and Takeo being together. The problem is, they’re so saccharinly happy there’s no drama except from outside forces of OTHER good characters. This doesn’t’ make good drama. This just depresses me. You want me to be happy for these two, while the other girl is suffering. I just… I don’t know what you want from me show.

There was no point in this episode that I was HAPPY for Takeo and Yamato. The way this episode was directed, you’re supposed to be rooting for this girl, and I don’t think that’s what the series is TRYING to go for. To me, it felt odd..and gave me mixed messages.

I just felt very uncomfortable watching this episode. I haven’t seen an episode of a show that I felt this uneasy since I saw “Don’t Leave Me Alone Daisy”.  I’m not saying it was acted bad, or out of character, or anything like that. It just…I didn’t like how I felt after I watched this episode. If that’s what the episode was TRYING to do, then good for it. I still didn’t like it. All in all, stick to comedy and light stuff guys…this isn’t your forte.

Episode 2/10

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3 Responses

  1. higgsbosoff says:

    Personally I was mostly overwhelmed by Oda’s stalkerish and manipulative behaviour – he’s been doing all this, pushing Ai in a position where she’s most likely to be hurt again by something she tried to put aside, just to have her vulnerable and hope to get a chance with her (he very much says so outright this episode). I can only root for Ai to get over it, flip a huge middle finger to Oda and find herself a nice, good and possibly as manly as Takeo man to have fun with.

    • Berry says:

      Yeah that bothered me too from the start. I know he loves Ai but his intentions were mostly for himself just as I had suspected, and I really didn’t like how he forced her into an awkward situation. Ai’s way too cool for this dude.

  2. Tenshi says:

    I personally didn’t hate this episode actually. Or Oda. Maybe it’s just because I’ve read way too many (bad) shoujo manga that I’ve become immune to this kind of thing, I don’t know. I agree, 13 episodes would have been great for an anime like this. The best way that they can make 24 episodes work though I think is if they concentrate on Suna more (he needs more screentime) and maybe give him a love interest. That would be interesting.

    I think it was definitely good that Ai didn’t confess though. That seriously would have screwed things up. I mean, I understand the point of the possible confession, but it just wasn’t a smart move. The reason I don’t hate Oda is because although he is stupid, and he is too manipulative, and too pushy and in-your-face, is because when you boil it down, he does care for Ai. Yes, he went about things in a horrible way, but, he genuinely likes Ai. I don’t think that he’s a mean person. So I’ll give him this; at least he likes Ai enough to put a lot of effort in pursuing her. That doesn’t mean I particularly like him though.

    So yeah, this episode wasn’t great, but all shoujo’s have this thing where they have a tendency to add unnecessary drama in, so you get used to it. Plus, it can’t just be Yamato and Takeo fluff 24/7 right? And at least this episode resulted in character development for Ai, and even Oda a bit.

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