Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 28: Situation in Disorder

It’s time.

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I think he’s back, guys. His eyes have turned white, and Haise is clearly responding to being called ‘Kaneki Ken’ by Takizawa – and on top of it all, he’s being brutally thrown around by him. I do think, if nothing else, Takizawa is about to get the beat-down of his life – and he’ll learn a thing or two about who’s weaker than who. Eto and Aogiri compared Takizawa to Kaneki, not to Haise, and Takizawa has been fighting Haise all this time. In terms of Haise’s power level, reverting to Kaneki is like removing his limiter, and Takizawa is probably going to learn that first-hand. It may still be possible to restrain Haise if someone intervenes now, but in my opinion his old name was what pushed him over the edge. A lot of uncertainty has been cooked up in terms of exactly who is screaming in the last panel – all this time, Takizawa has been the black speech bubbles while Haise has been the white ones. But it seems to me like Takizawa is only laughing, and nothing else – the final scream of pain, despite being highlighted in black, is not him. It’s someone who, when uncontrolled, is insane enough to justify the black. It’s Kaneki.

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In other news, I am very proud of Saiko! I’m so glad both Saiko and Shirazu are still alive – it’s amazing that they’ve managed to beat Nutcracker together. And really, it seems like Saiko is the most amazing of them all – it’s infuriating and typical of Ishida that her rampage was cut out, but from the aftermath it looks like she rained down destruction upon Nutcracker. “I’m not so sure who’s the monster now anymore,” says Hayashimura. And I have a feeling she has inherited Kaneki’s kakuhou, which would explain why she’s so close with Haise. Anyway, so what’s just happened is that, with Hayashimura and Washuu as witnesses, two no-name, Rank 3 investigators from the controversial Quinx Squad have single-handedly trapped and brought down S-rated Nutcracker. That sounds like a well-deserved promotion to me, right Urie? huhah

Thanks to Scarecrow, every single combatant can now hear the beat-down Haise has been receiving – and therefore, every single combatant can hear how he’s reverting to Kaneki. All of them recognize his screaming – Uta does, Hinami does and Akira does. I suspect Akira recognizes Takizawa’s voice as well, and that she only asked Washuu in the hope that her doubts would be proved wrong – with Washuu’s silence doing the exact opposite. What will probably happen now is that Akira and Hinami will immediately head for Kaneki, with Saiko and Shirazu doing the same. Akira will want to fight Hinami if they run into each other, but if Kaneki has lost his mind, and this is an even more pressing concern, then the ultimate dream will be for the two to team up and deal with him. I can dream, right?

P.S. Go Ayato!

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I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Plinfan says:

    Ha! I called it! I know that behind his rather simple cover, shirazu is smarter than he seems( or he himselve even realyses). I am pretty sure that saiko has kaneki`s kagune, why else did they skip over it. We know that Saiko has the highest compatibility with her kagune, so maybe the CCG gave here one of the strongest one`s (kanekis) in an attept to create a second kaneki? Which would be pure irony, cause that is Aogiri`s goal as well. Other than that I agree that seido is soon going to reagreat awakening kaneki. When Kaneki`s full power is going to return we are going to see a proper one eyed ghoul clash.

    • Vantage says:

      It is rather ironic that Shirazu and Saiko, despite not being over-eager to establish themselves as superior like Urie, have managed to outshine him on this mission. They both have a lot going for them! We’ve seen Saiko and her rinkaku before, and there aren’t many rinkakus – the CCG would have easiest access to Kaneki’s for sure.

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