Plastic Memories ~ Episode 7 [Asking her out]

I’ve said it once, i’ll say it 100 times. I don’t care how light hearted you make everything, I can NEVER be happy watching this show. Honestly, the happy parts of the show just make everything sting more. In this episode alone, during a scene that should of made me happy. I was sobbing my eyes out.


So basically this episode is about Tsukasa asking Isla out on a date. It attempts comedy for the first half, however I don’t need to be the one to say that this show doesn’t do comedy too well. It’s pretty much the same comedy we’ve seen through the previous episodes. The bosses issues with his daughter, the playboy mentality, Isla trying too hard and messing things up. This shows strengths lie in it’s character building and dramatic moments.
So the part of the episode I enjoyed the best happened AFTER all the comedy involved in the process of asking her out. When you get to the date and the things involved with it.


It’s also pretty sweet to see how hard he’s working to show to Kazuki that he’s worthy of taking out Isla. Honestly, even though they are no longer partners, I feel as if Kazuki sees Isla as something like a daughter to her. She sure as hell treats her like one, and treats Tsukasa as a over protective mother would towards the man trying to court her daughter.

So he gets sick, but goes out with her anyway. They go to the park and return to the spot we’ve seen her sitting in with Kazuki in flashbacks. She explains that she used to come here to watch the smiles on different peoples faces and let her own troubles melt away.
Of course, after loosing Kazuki as a partner, she no longer returned here. It was a place where happy and sad were both very keenly felt.


Tsukasa asks her what her favorite part of the park was other then the bench, like, what ride. Isla says she’s never been on any of them, so they go on as many of them as they can. I would list the rides, but I was crying during this scene.
I was outright sobbing, with the happy music and animation it should of been a happy moment in the episode. All I could think was “She’s so happy, they’re so happy…she’s going to die soon.” and I couldn’t stop the tears.

On the Ferris Wheel they talk about the building where they first met, where Isla would come and look out over the park. Then Tsukasa collapses from exhaustion and has to be brought home and put in bed. Isla, tells him herself that her time is coming up.
Once again, he repeats that he wants to be with her up to the very end.


The only thing that kept me from sobbing all over again during this part was Michiru’s tsundere fantasy about bringing Tsukasa rice porridge.
It takes a special kind of tsundere to plan out just how tsundere you’re going to be ahead of time and then totally chicken out and leave because he might be sleeping/he has Isla there.


The after credits had another funny scene this week. This is two weeks of light hearted episodes, I’m scared. It’s coming soon and you can feel it looming on the horizon. Isla’s retrieval date…

1 month, 6 episodes left….



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  1. You know the way you finished the post really brought this song back to mind ( Somehow… it’s actually more haunting to think about it in the context of a ‘standard’ retrieval, rather than if Tsukasa has to face Isla as a Wanderer.

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