Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 [ Truths of the Future ]

Oooh yes, the wonderful story of revelations begins. I personally have always enjoyed revelation of identity tropes and finding out someone was someone else- so this episode of Sailor Moon basically starts off this way: Yo this girl is a princess and she’s yo daughter. You can imagine the hilarious faces that occur.

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This episode features much more about the future though: Namely that Usagi and Mamoru became the rulers of the new ~Crystal Tokyo~ which is basically a utopia of long life where everyone lives in peace because everyone dreamed of living long lives. Everything was fine until the fucking Dark Moon went ‘naw but that’s not good’ killed people and basically ruined everyone’s days. An explosion occured and everyone but Chibi-usa and Diana, a cat revealed to be Artemis and Luna’s daughter, were killed. Usagi was the exception as she was protected by a crystal that appears to be the Legendary Silver Crystal engulfing her body. Basically, the future is screwed.

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Agh you know there are some points with the new anime where I go, I remember this and I have interests here! Well this arc was hard to play on my nostalgia because this is the arc I remember the least. In a lot of ways this meant I could be more honest: I really think kidnap arcs are a weak storytelling mechanic. On top of it the rivalry between Chibi-usa and Usagi really does neither of them justice, making Chibi-usa seem unnecessarily mean and Usagi seem like an immature little girl. Because of that this arc has been largely underwhelming.

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But boy do I know what’s coming next. Only distinct memories of this arc are the episodes to come, and despite that they have their own infuriating origin about them I think it will be great. As for this episode? All I can say is it felt like its job was to reveal information and set things up, and as such my emotional investment was limited. I want Usagi to grow up and treat her daughter like her daughter and I want Mamoru to not derp, and most of all I want that kidnapping with Demande at the end to knock some goddamn sense into all of the cast.

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Anyway, two weeks from now will be good, this episode was alright as usual. The animation was a little lower quality than usual which was. . .weird. But with all the plot stuff about to finally break and be shoved right into our face, oh yeah. Bring it on.




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