Punch Line Episode 3 (Get That Bear!)

Ah here we are. Another episode of the show in which that has the most nonsensical wackiness of the season. So without me trying to give any more of an opening, let’s just jump right into it and see if we can make any sense out of it.

So the episode starts off with this group called ‘Qmay’ that seemingly knows about the giant meteor headed for Earth and hijacked a tv station to tell everyone about it. And interestingly enough, they tell everyone about it in English. Or….you know..Engrish.

At the very least, the intonations make sense...even though it sounds laughably bad.

At the very least, the intonations make sense…even though it sounds laughably bad.

Meanwhile, enough of that as we cut back to the main characters. The pink haired girl wants to have a Christmas party with the girl with the bear. However, the girl with the bear kind of has the feeling that the pink haired girl is really ‘Strange Juice’.

So instead of simply telling her her identity she tries to use the old ‘running around trying to show she’s two different people’ thing they do in a lot of these scenarios. this time with the help of a cloaking..squid…outfit. Yeah it…it really is as weird as it sounds.

because you know..when I think invisibility giving outfits...I think squid costume

because you know..when I think invisibility giving outfits…I think squid costume

She falls for it, but you’ll see in about 3 minutes why it’s’ a completely pointless waste of the episode.

So then some dude in a Jin-roh outfit shows up. Oh..oh god. I just remembered Jin-roh (vomits)


Why is he there? He discovered Strange Juice’s identity? Because he knows of the ghost that can destroy the world with his horniness?

Nope. He’s there because he wants the bear cub.


You mean that bear cub that they were going to get rid of at New Years if they couldn’t find the owner? You mean THAT bear cub?

So…..instead of doing this whole “threatening to kill you thing” wouldn’t it have been easier just to show up at their front door and been like “hey, have you seen my bear cub? I lost him.” I don’t know, it just seems easier than “break in and threaten to murder people”

Anyway a fight ensues and the bear gets injured. Strange Juice fights against him but then gets the shit beaten out of her.



The bad guy eventually gets the bear and runs away. However that’s when a dude in spandex shows up, gets crazy powers and fights him off, getting the bear back. Who somehow has healed itself from his wound. (Yeah they’re not sure how that happened either)

That’s when Strange Juice waltzes back but she didn’t realize she lost her powers and now everyone knows who she is.

See? Told you not telling her was pointless

See? Told you not telling her was pointless

If you think that’s enough stuff to happen for one episode then you haven’t been watching this show long enough because we jump to the next part of the episode. When we find out that one of the girls in the house is a robot.

Yeah...she sure is a robot

Yeah…she sure is a robot

The reason why she’s here in this house instead of…you know revolutionizing the world of robotics is because she promised her father (aka maker) that in a few years time she would help ‘Strange Juice’. How the father knew about this would happen in the future, why he did it, and what the fuck does this have to do with ANYTHING? I don’t fucking know, don’t ask me.

And with that weird ass revelation that’s where the episode ends.

I swear the more I try to understand this show the more I fail. I have SO MANY questions I don’t really even know where I’d begin and that’s in ADDITION to all the questions I had from the last two episodes.

I swear this show hurts my brain.

Why did the guy want the bear? Who’s the guy in the suit? Why did a guy build a robot to help a superhero in the future that he hadn’t met yet? Will this guy ever get his fucking body back?

This show really just has too many questions to answer.

The biggest issue I have with this show is I really can’t relate to ANY of these characters. They seem like some kind of alien species rather than actual humans. They look like humans and talk like humans but this whole show has this weird surreal feel that makes me question things. So far the only relatively normal one is the fake psychic and her role this episode was delegated to getting taken hostage and then believing the robot was pregnant.

I wouldn't be surprised in this show if robots COULD get pregnant

I wouldn’t be surprised in this show if robots COULD get pregnant

I really hope the next couple episodes start giving some answers.

In general though, as it stands, this series is definitely my most ‘meh’ of the season’. Hopefully it picks up next week.

Episode 5/10


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