World Trigger Episode 18 (25th Time’s The Charm?)

And So we return to the land of Duckface and wet blanket. Well…actually mostly wet blanket this episode as he accepted a match against an A rank and almost all of the episode focuses on that. This is gonna be a short recap, but let’s have at it.

So the battle begins between these two. It turns out that the A rank guy has the ability chameleon to blend in with his surroundings. How does wet blanket do you may ask?

Well he gets his ass beat.




and again.

Until finally the score is 0 to 24.

It’s at this point that the A rank guy basically decides to call it a day. He’s like “Yeah…this guy isn’t really worth my time.”

After a bit of thinking it over, Wet Blanket has a plan and asks for one more match.

Since they have an infinite amount of trion in the training arena, he creates a bunch of slow bullets with his shooter ability, so Kazama (the A rank guy) can’t use his chameleon ability or will get hit by the bullets.

The stars...they're so beautiful

The stars…they’re so beautiful

And he is forced to fight Wet Blanket one and one. However, this is what he was hoping for and pins Kazama up against a wall and blasts him point blank.


When the smoke clears….oh crap. the smoke clearing. Okay look, i’m just going to say it. When you’re in a Shonen show and you wait for the smoke to clear it never reveals anything good. EVER. Smoke clearing is just a bad thing. Fuck smoke clearing.

So once it does, we see that Kazama managed to stab wet blanket through the small hole he made to attack him. One the plus side though, he apparently did an equal amount of damage to Kazama. So the last match ends in a tie. Final Score for Wet Blanket? 0-24 and 1 tie.

Hooray for…that?

However, he is an A rank captain so everyone is very proud of wet blanket.

Meanwhile we cut over to Chiaka who had just blasted a hole in the side of the building. the fat annoying guy from the board room comes over to investigate. Interestingly enough though however, he actually treats her very nice as she reminds her of his own daughter. Huh…well…I guess he CAN not be a douche. Well played show.

Featured above: him not being a douche

Featured above: him not being a douche. Also…that guy has a daughter…meaning HE GOT LAID?! Good for you man. Good for you.

Afterwards, we learn from Jin that their arrival and special nature causes the buzz around Border that he hoped it would. And that’s basically where the episode ends.

This episode focuses a LOT on the Wet Blanket/Kazama fight. I’d say a good 2/3 of the episode is devoted to it. We DO see a lot of Wet Blanket getting his ass kicked…so….if you wanted to see that, this is your episode.

There’s a lot of internal struggle he has with himself about what he wants to do and his own self worth and it’s nice to see him doing some of the fighting and not just OP Duckface’s butt monkey.

I’ve been sitting here wondering for a few weeks now if Wet Blanket was voted #1 in the character poll just because he’s the main character or something more. While I do believe there is a strong main character bias, I can see this episode that he is indeed coming into his own, as he came up with a pretty good strategy. Sure it took him losing 24 times to come up with it, but the point still remains valid.

High five from Duckface! yay! That makes it allll worth it. I think.

High five from Duckface! yay! That makes it allll worth it. I think.

Now…I have to go off topic for one moment. This has been driving me nuts for…well the entire length of the show. I’ll be sitting here watching an episode. About halfway through and BAM! Opening theme song.

Counter this time? 11 minutes 18 seconds. I just don’t understand why they wait SO LONG to play their opening theme song. What in the world could the point of that be? All it does it break up everything and make me go “you’re a little late for that show!”

Regardless, it was a neat episode to see Wet Blanket develop. While not n ridiculous amount of plot happened, it’s good to see that even though he’s weak as balls he’s getting better. And here’s hoping he’ll be badass in the future.

Oh, one more side note.


I really don’t care about bitch mcgee’s crush on Wet Blanket’s Senpai. All it does it make her seem petty and annoying. It’s like Early Sakura in Naruto with Sasuke. Hopefully this guy doesn’t betray everyone though. Then again maybe he should….then I could see this bitch cry. Haha. ah…I don’t like her. She actually wants Wet Blanket to do poorly so she can be her crush’s pupil. and that’s not cool. Go back to not being in the show. We have Konami, we don’t need you.

And considering in the popularity poll you didn’t even make the top 10, I think other people agree with me.

The moral of the story? Faux-Tsunderes trump actual Tsunderes any day of the week. True Story.

Episode 7/10

Duckface Counter: 4 (he wasn’t in a whole lot this episode)


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