Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10 [Akane is done with this shit]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I could bore you with a summary of this atrocity, but there is something far more important to be said. This episode, Akane Tsunemori looked the plot and all it’s flaws in the eye and said: Fuck you.

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She said fuck you to Sybil, and specifically Togane’s mom. ‘Sybil System, if you want to evolve you have to do this, or you’ll remain stationary.” She said fuck you in police custody, in cars and on subways, Akane Tsunemori said fuck you to all and to all she relished: for this fucking Christmas she was tired of this bullshit.

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Every part of this episode outside of that is normal garbage. Kamui is stunning every person possible on a subway most of the episode in order to overload the sensors of Sybil and find it’s location. Yes, this is a perfect analogy of this compared to last season. Last season Makishima used connection and intelligence to find the location of Sybil. This season we have Kamui shooting hundreds of people for the same result. This is exactly the difference. Makishima delicately picked the lock open and Kamui’s kickin that mother fucker in.

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Akane halfway through this episode absconds with the entire concept. Her entire premise? You’re all fucking stupid. You’re all fucking playing me. Sybil shows her HER DEAD GRANDMOTHER’S CORPSE AND TELLS HER to kill KAMUI AND YOU KNOW WHAT? SHE HAS A FUCKING CRISIS FOR ABOUT TEN MINUTES AND GOES NO.

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BEST PART OF THIS EPISODE? SHE TELLS TOGANE TO GO FUCK HIMSELF. ‘STOP FUCKING WITH ME’ MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN THE SUBTITLE. EVEN KAMUI WENT ‘YOU CAN’T FUCK WITH HER BRO’ This entire episode is Akane taking on the viewers perspective, and you know what? Those are the best parts. Every single part of the episode where Akane said HERE’S MY SHIT, FUCK YA’LL, was good. It was like Season 1 literally came to punt Season 2 in the face. And you know what? IT fucking succeeded.

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Is this season good? No it’s dead in the water. It’s awful.


And Akane came to nail it in it’s coffin. ‘Fuck you’ Akane whispered softly as she confronted Togane. ‘Fuck you’ try me bro. Try me. I’m in the movie trailers. Come at me bro.

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Bro went at Kamui. That’s what I thought you’d do, homes. No one fucks with Akane. YOU CUT OFF HER GRANDMOTHER’S EAR YOU PUSSY. YOU DIDN’T EVEN SEEEEE DAAAAH SHIIIIIT AKANE GOT DONE TO HER OKAY THROAT SLIT BEST FRIEND MAN UP OKAY?? And if you’re all wondering why I’m not taking this seriously it’s because this show isn’t. This show gave up. It gave up and slipped the episode rights to Akane who whispered in conjunction with me softly,

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Go fuck yourself.

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(except for the scene with kogami that was so cute AAAAAAH but go fuck the rest)




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3 Responses

  1. Magicalness says:

    To quote someone “What I’m doing is wrong, I know it’s wrong but I’m gonna do it anyways” from what I can tell from your summary this is bassically what the episode is about.

    • Oki says:

      More or less it’s everyone else, Akane is doing everything exactly right and she’s sick of this shit.

  2. The first scene I appreciated this ENTIRE season was when Akane finally said enough to all this shit. The only issue is that even then, there are holes in her story of how she figured it all out. Meh. But yeah, everyone else can go fuck themselves. I just wanna see Kougami in the movie. That head-slap thing in this ep was CUTE. <3

    Honestly I stopped paying attention to the plot of s2 a couple weeks ago, but as far as I understand, the point of this entire operation was for Kamui to figure out the location of Sybil. I find it so ironic that Makishima and Choe Gu-Song figured it out in the privacy of their own home, while Kamui's fucking around with 500 hostages to figure it out.


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