Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 11

Now last week I posed the question of will the series keep with the relative serious undertones due to the series ending, the timeline approaching, and necessity growing. If I were a betting man I would have bet no. However, that is why I do not gamble. Because this episode was also…awesome.

Besides the overall idea that they kept the same tone of last episode, what makes it amazing? Well let’s begin our recap and you’ll see.

So the episode begins with Kanie revealing the issue from the end of last episode. At the rate they’re going, they won’t make their goal of 500,000 people. There just aren’t enough days. But Kanie has a plan. His idea, since they have a stadium that isn’t used is to rent it out to a popular soccer match that’s coming up.

amagi 1

He goes to the meeting to arrange it and finally FINALLY he uses his power to read minds again. FINALLY! That makes 3 times he’s used it in the whole series. Regardless, he’s FINALLY used it. Thank god.

Hooray! FINALLY! He used that power he hasn't used in EVER!

Hooray! FINALLY! He used that power he hasn’t used in EVER!

He uses it to basically see that the guys who are looking for a place to hold the game only really care about the money because they are low on funds. He offers them the use of the stadium for free as long as the guests have to walk through the park to do so. They agree and the preparations begin.

There is one more thing that Kanie has to tell everyone. And that is to pay for all this, as well as keep funds coming in, Kanie made the decision to sell the south part of the park that isn’t in use. And surprisingly, everyone’s pretty okay with it.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Divorced, violin playing, sheep man! Wait...what the fuck am I watching again?

Thanks for the vote of confidence Divorced, perverted, violin playing sheep man! Wait…what the fuck am I watching again?

Everyone begins to work their butts off until the final day and the numbers keep rising and rising until the final day of July 31st comes.

It’s a bittersweet moment because Kanie realizes that even if he DOES save the park, Latifa still loses her memories the next day regardless. But still, she’ll live and her memories of him aren’t important.

It'll be fine Latifa! It'll be like 50 first dates! Only you'll have a body of a 14 year old forever and i'll...oh... oh i see a problem here.

It’ll be fine Latifa! It’ll be like 50 first dates! Only you’ll have a body of a 14 year old forever and i’ll…oh… oh i see a problem here.

So finally, the day comes and buses and buses of people finally come. However, when the last bus comes, Kanie begins to freak out as he looks at the visitor count total.

Damn it episodes 4-9! I blame YOU for this!

Damn it episodes 4-9! I blame YOU for this!

So yeah…he’s short by pretty much 250 people. And that’s where the episode ends, with only 3 hours to go, he needs 250 more people. And the soccer match has already started.

Geez. talk about a cliffhanger. With just a few hundred people short and 3 hours to go, how in the hell are they going to pull this off?

I can really only think of 2 ways they can do this.

Either 1. They do a Muppet movie ending and fail, but either way they get to keep the park for some reason

2.  They somehow get the last 250 people and save the day.

Now If I were to guess how “I” would end it, I would say they somehow manage to find like 251 more people but are still shy 1 person. So Kanie quits his position and enters as the last guest. See, that’s how I’D end it, but who knows. There’s a 99% chance i’m wrong but that’s how I’d do it anyway.

One other thing that’s been bothering me is the guy in charge of the amagi corporation. The one who seemingly shows up at random to seemingly have joy at their plight not being able to wait until they close down. There’s more to him than meets the eye. And once again, if I went with my gut, I don’t think he’s just a generic jerk, I think he’s someone more sinister..Like maybe the sorcerer that put the curse on Latifa.

By the way I'm not evil. TOTALLY not evil. Also I look like I should be voiced by Eric Vale.

By the way I’m not evil. TOTALLY not evil. Also I look like I should be voiced by Eric Vale.

All in all though, this was a great episode and I’m really tensed up for the next episode. I really want to know if they make it! Here’s the thing though…I know there’s 2 more episodes left. So i’m worried about the next episode considering that They can’t wrap EVERYTHING up next time. Still though. The fact that the series has made me care this much is a very good thing.

Before I sign off though, there’s something that I have to speak up about. It’s been bugging me since I first saw him.


amagi 9


He’s even in the opening!

amagi 11

Seriously. You have a Japanese Indiana Jones, and you don’t use him. With all the wacky crap you do, you couldn’t find a place for Japanese Indiana Jones? For shame.

Either way, great episode. Still though. for shame.

Episode 9/10


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