Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete Episode 2

There is no emoticon to express the level of boredom I feel with this show. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. Don’t believe me? Here’s the entire synopsis.

Kaori walks in to see the guy holding the naked unconscious girl. She wakes up and they ask her who she is and why she was there. All she knows is her name because she has amnesia.



After asking her a few questions and her not knowing, they decide to shrug and get her accepted as a transfer student. HOW they do this is never explained. They just kind of do.

Then some students around the school say that they’re seeing ghosts.

It's amazing how little I care. It really is.

It’s amazing how little I care. It really is.

So then everyone decides to do more talking. But besides that they have to worry about the outfits they’re going to wear for the school festival. Because god help you if you don’t figure THAT shit out.

The episode ends with the white haired chick forgetting her hat at the school and when she picks it up, accidentally touching the black cube activating it.

It's like the hellraiser box. only with less caring.

It’s like the Hellraiser box. only with less caring.

And that’s the end of the episode.

What’s that? That was way too short? Well I told you. NOTHING happened in this episode. Do you think I’m gypping you or something? Like more stuff happened, but I glazed over it? No, seriously. All they did in this episode was talk about useless random bullshit.

vlcsnap-2014-10-11-20h13m40s220                                                                                                                       Talking

vlcsnap-2014-10-11-20h30m04s67                                                                                                                    And talking

vlcsnap-2014-10-11-20h14m38s26                                                                                                     AND MORE FUCKING TALKING

I can’t even say the topics were interesting. The topics ranged from “Hey a girl said she saw a ghost. Let’s go talk to her about it” to “What outfits should we wear?” NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED. And you know what? I could forgive it if the characters were interesting. But with the single exception of Kenny (yes that’s the male friend’s name) I do not fucking care about any of these people. Every single one of them act like they were given a double dose of Ambien. Everyone here is slow, dull, boring. They don’t make me believe they’re real people. I feel like this anime was written by someone whose only media they saw before this was watching Ben Stein performing monologues.

Yeah. the people who watched your show.

Yeah. the people who watched your show.

There was actually a scene where the girls were comparing boob sizes, and..I didn’t even care. It’s like watching mannequins talking to each other in a vain attempt to understand what humanity was.

I reiterate. It's so sad...but I don't care.

I reiterate. It’s so sad…but I don’t care.

Because no one feels human here I can’t connect. And if there was a good plot, I could be okay with that. Or in reverse. If the characters were interesting I wouldn’t NEED a plot (example Azumanga Daioh) but if they don’t have EITHER a well paced plot OR good characters. It’s just a bland, boring mess.

I can’t continue covering this. I just can’t. There is NOTHING to talk about. I’m so bored off my ass I actually had to pause the episode at least 5 times before I could finish it. Fuck, I watch VANADIS in one sitting. But this…with this I feel like I’m wasting my time. Like I could be doing more constructive things with my life…. like eating paint chips.

I’m done with this. I don’t care if the next 10 episodes they give you free blowjobs each time. If by episode 2 you make me not even give enough of a shit to HATE you…that’s some major failings there. But you know what? You may have done me a favor. Now you  have given me the opportunity to replace you with another show. So I’m replacing you with Tribe Cool Crew. Yes. You heard that right you fucking show. I’m replacing you with the show about DANCING. Fuck you and you narcolepsy.

Status: Dropped




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