Shirobako Episode 2

Wow. I have to agree with Eva, there’s a LOT of information in this show. But damn if it isn’t good.

So the episode starts out with the girl from episode one finding the animator girl passed out on the floor. But she’s okay. She’s just exhausted from all the drawing.

Because donuts make everything better

Because donuts make everything better

They get back to work and they start showing you all the neat stuff that goes into making anime. In fact, I didn’t even know some of the stuff that they did. But I think it’s even more neat.


Some of the things you wouldn’t even consider, even if you know the American dubbing companies and how they do it, it’s different in America because they don’t have to worry about animation production, key animation or things like that.

In Japan it’s a much more lengthy process and they have to worry about things such as music production, inbetween animation, broadcast air dates, and everything else else. In fact, the big problem in this episode is the production of one of the episodes.

Long story short one of the main characters of the show they’re working on isn’t turning out exactly as the director wants. So because of this, he wants all the key animation for her in a certain scene redone with a very short amount of time left. After  a long debate, the production assistant steps in and agrees with him, complete with an envisioned image of the three main characters of the show popping out of the table.


I don’t know really what’s going on here, but it’s still awesome.

The episode ends with them all stoked to go back to working on the episode with the new changes to the character.

This show. Man, it is HARD to recap what happens in this show. Mainly because a LOT of stuff happens, but also NOTHING happens. They’re making a show. That’s the best way to describe it. Something as nuanced as the girl who’s trying to be a voice actor’s plight doesn’t translate very well to a brief description on here.


I can see what Eva was talking about.

The way the characters interact with each other is just great. Everyone in this show feels like a real person. They all feel like people with hopes and dreams.

For example the director has history with some of the other people and they are mad at him because of a fiasco he caused with another show due to his indecisiveness and became a joke with the online anime community.

Haha...jiggly's a funny word

Haha…jiggly’s a funny word

There is so much interaction here it’s really hard to pinpoint and describe all of it. All I can say is I love this show and I really want to see where it’s going.

I do not know really ANY of their names, but I am invested in nearly every character. No one is really a BAD character and they all have their own presence and place in the show. It’s only episode two and i’m already finding myself at odds trying to make recaps. This is as good thing.

As of now, the animation’s working perfectly for this show. It almost moves in a different way than normal anime which is good because I feel like it should move a bit more surreal than normal anime. It should feel a bit different.

I am very much looking forward to more of this show. Hopefully though the next episode will be easier to explain what happened as this one was a little hard to nail down.

Daw you're cute. I wish i could remember your name.

Daw you’re cute. I wish i could remember your name.

I can’t wait for the next episode. I’m actually very interested to see how they remake the character. Damn you show I can’t make fun of that much…. You win this round.

Episode: 8/10


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