Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 5

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 5 Impressions:

I should have seen that coming… But since when were chief editors of major manga magazines lolis?

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In this episode, Aito finds out that his manga has been ranked dead last in the magazine it is in, much to his surprise. Of course(as if you hadn’t guessed already) the most probable reason for that is because Aito oversaturates his manga with panties drawings which of course turn off his readers . This was in a way a rather accurate portrayal of manga readers. As appealing as fanservice is and indeed fanservice is almost always a natural boost for manga sales, manga readers aren’t generally stupid as well. As a whole they do enjoy fanservice but only if it’s relegated to a beach or onsen chapter or during some trivial part of the manga. But when it gets to the point where fanservice causes essential aspects of an engaging manga such as character development or story progression to take a backseat, fans simply lose interest. And indeed what’s worse is the fact that Aito once prioritized the character development of his main female protagonist but now throws all of that out the window in order to add more ecchi. Strangely this all comes to a shock to Aito, who you would expect to know more about how the industry works if not by common sense then by the experience he got as a mangaka. This is pretty much “how to make a manga “ 101 level material that he should have learned by now. But the surprising part is as he was brooding over the declining popularity of his manga, it’s actually a loli who explains to him what he’s doing wrong. Well, turns out that loli happens to be the chief editor. Which made sense because I don’t know if it was just me but I thought the scene where she sat on Aito’s lap while reading Aito’s manga was kinda awkward. The loli also jokingly asked if Aito was interested in seeing her pantsu which was pretty weird admittedly…Good thing it was a joke or Mangaka would have become a very different anime by now. Still it’s such a stretch to have her as the editor chief since she’s even smaller than Sena, who is already the token loli of the show.

There was also a quite important reveal this episode. Apparently, Ashisu has been applying to become a mangaka herself for a while now but was rejected every single time by Mihari for flaws in the story. On the bright side, Mihari praised Ashisu’s art, which is gradually improving in each of her attempts. We get a conversation about how Aito doesn’t want Ashisu to leave him as an assistant one day and he comically suggests to move into a bigger complex so they could work side by side. Of course whether it’s out of pity or politeness Ashisu doesn’t have the heart to reject Aito’s suggestion but it would be interesting to see how that plays out. Because at the end of the day despite all of Aito’s failings as a human being and his pervertedness, Ashisu has made it clear the considerable amount of respect she has for him. It doesn’t usually appear like this is the case but undeniably, Ashisu is like the devoted student who greatly believes in her sensei’s teachings despite the odd quirks or habits of her sensei. And Ashisu remarks that if she were to become a successful mangaka one day, the credit(aside to herself) would go all to Aito for being her sensei. Since this segment focused on the future of Ashisu as an aspiring mangaka and hinted at how Ashisu’s leaving as an assistant would affect Aito, I suspect this will be brought up again in the future though the anime is almost unlikely to reach that point in their lives(If you are actually interested then go read the manga, you might even be disappointed who knows?)

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Well this wasn’t a bad episode. Not quite as entertaining as last week episode but quite frankly speaking, it would be hard for Mangaka to top the gags from the last episode but still a pretty decent episode. It did hint at some progression with Aito and Ashisu’s relationship. But this anime is certainly aimless. Well you get what you signed up for I suppose. No one is dumb enough to expect this to bear even the slightest shred of resemblance to Bakuman. Well if you did, I don’t know what to tell you… Oh and seeing Mihari blush when Aito said he loved her with her little breasts was pretty cute. It seems like Mihari may still have some feelings for Aito. I am curious to see whether that actually goes anywhere.

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