Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 4


Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 4 Impressions:

In this episode, we get to see that the true sadist isn’t Ashisu but in fact Sena, the loli manga assistant introduced in the previous episode. The S&M gag between Aito and Sena was pretty unique because when you think about it, loli characters are not often made out to be sadistic, at least not one that is voiced by Rie Kugimiya and looks just about as threatening as a newborn kitten. Kugimiya’s voice works really well with characters like Sena who try to appear strong and domineering even though they have exploitable points of weaknesses. And the joke is because Sena’s whip lashes on Aito are done without much force, it provides just enough pain to turn Aito on. Watching Sena’s expression as she realizes that her plan backfired and instead of punishing Aito, she’s actually doing the very opposite was actually pretty funny. Certainly the power dynamic changed in an instant. I guess this teaches you not to provoke a perverted guy like Aito. Whose in charge now?! (Wait….. ) And then we get Mihari beating up Aito but that was definitely more painful than stimulating for our main protagonist. The next sequence we learn that Ashisu is really drawn to cute things such as mascots and such. Aito’s manga editor suggests adding cute mascot characters since it was the recent trend for manga lately. Aito draws a few sketches, one being a cat with a moustache and a bra on its hat. A normal person would point out how incongruous the bra was on the cat’s head, but to Ashisu, it simply works. Well at least you now know the way to Ashisu’s heart, Aito. All of this somehow leads to Aito finding a cat that looks exactly like said drawing and he adopts it because reasons. The odds of that happening are really slim but lol it’s anime.

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The best part of the episode however was when we get to see how Aito’s editor, Mihari, and Aito met. After seeing that segment, long-haired Mihari very convincingly challenges Ashisu for best girl for me. Interestingly enough, Mihari had aspired to be mangaka back in her high school days but was largely unsuccessful because of her poor art skills. She then notices that Aito, the guy sitting next to her, was drawing manga really well. The funny part is they then go on the rooftop and we get a scene that is like something out of a standard shoujo. Mihari complements Aito on his drawings and Aito leaves Mihari flustered by saying how lucky he is to have a cute girl like her talk to him. It’s almost mind blowing to see Aito so soft spoken and level headed but of course, that’s only what it appears like on the surface. It’s hilarious how Aito pretty much had Mihari becoming attracted to him by seeming to be a passionate and sensitive person who is dedicated to perfecting his craft and sharing it with others only to have said craft be drawing ecchi manga. Seriously getting a girl to think you are a shameless pervert when a second ago she had nothing but admiration for you takes incredible skill. Sasuga Aito. He’s a terrible character but sometimes it’s just so funny to watch his cringe worthy antics.

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Wow… this was actually a pretty good episode. That’s really surprising given the last 3 episodes of this anime. I know I have been railing on this anime and to a certain degree, I still don’t retract what I said but occasionally even terrible and generic anime do have their high points and at least so far, this episode is certainly that for Mangaka.To be specific, this episode wasn’t a dramatic departure from what we have seen in the last few episodes(no one expects that anyways) but the comedic aspects of this episode were certainly on point for me and the rapid pacing sure helped moved things along.It certainly does feel as though this episode crammed a lot more material than the past few episodes. Even though this is a roughly 10 minute anime series, the nature of the content works best when it’s constantly pushed forward as opposed to letting a joke linger and become stale. Perhaps that’s why I actually enjoyed the gags in this episode because they didn’t feel as dragged out as they did in the previous episodes.Now if only Mangaka San can keep up this level of engagement for the subsequent episodes…


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