Mangaka-San To Assistant-San To Episode 2

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 2 Impressions:

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Well onto the  episode review….

By now, one should already know what to expect from Mangaka san. Never before seen levels of stupidity and perversion still persist but surprisingly this episode was rather hilarious.  Episode 2 of Mangaka San had exactly the same type of jokes as its premiere episode did but somehow unexplainably, it managed to portray Aito in an even more pathetic light that it was ever thought to have been possible. It’s now clear(as if it wasn’t already) that there are only 2 purposes for watching this show. To laugh at how much of a failure Aito is as a human being(he’s a lot worse off than your standard beta anime male character) and for whatever sort of fan service this show throws at your face.

Mangaka San Ep 2 Img 11

Having said that, the episode did introduce a new character Rinna Fuwa, who is revealed to be Aito’s new manga assistant. Except…Rinna has absolutely no prior experience with manga drawing. The reason that she was hired was not surprising but rather in line with the type of person Aito is. It was revealed that Rinna had been hired simply because she was cute and Aito had told Otosuna, his editor, to hire anyone as long as she was a cute girl. While Aito may have been joking (probably not though), it’s really baffling as to why his editor would play along. Indeed it was setup to be a comedic scene but one can’t escape shaking their heads at how even the supposed “straight men” of the series, Otosuna and Ashisu, can put up and even go along with Aito’s perverted desires. Having a manga assistant who has no idea what the job even entails can even become an obstruction to Aito; he is already hard pressed to get his manga out on time. But yes, there really isn’t any point to rationalize this show. No one in this show simply has any sort of mental capacity that goes above the elementary school level but to make things worse, Rinna is shown to be just almost as much of an airhead as Aito. I guess it’s really a matter of whether you find that to be a strong point of moe like Aito does or exceeding annoying.

Take for instance, when Rinna introduced herself and says she is willing to do anything. This of course naturally follows with Aito asking anything and to which Rinna replies, “As long as you take responsibility”. Ecchi jokes can be funny but when they are presented this obnoxiously and set up in such an unrealistic way, personally, it’s hard to find humor in that.

Also, one thing to mention is that episode 2 did establish something new about Aito that wasn’t stated explicitly or highlighted last episode. Aito was revealed to be a kimo ota which isn’t all that surprising but it was certainly played for laughs which was pretty funny the way they emphasized this part of Aito. Basically,Otosuna urges Aito to include a handsome love rival for the main character of Aito’s romcom manga only to have Aito agonize at this suggestion. Aito eventually comes up with the idea of having the rival who is superior in every way to his main character be written off in a sudden “accident” and thus never returning. This of course was swift rejected by his editor. It’s funny and rather self consciously poking fun of itself and otakus because the whole existence of romcom harems proves the point of otakus wanting to live some sort of wish fulfillment via self projection. This can be seen in the lack of competitive male characters that threaten to challenge the main protagonist for his romantic interests in these types of anime and manga(some anime studios such as kyo ani take this to extreme and completely disregard any side male characters to appease its otaku fanbase) . As the saying goes, it takes one to know one and so,who else can make an ecchi romcom manga as fitting to your average otaku tastes than a beta kimo ota(especially one who is as perverted and knowledgeable in the areas of eroge and H manga as Aito himself ?

Mangaka San Ep 2 Img 04

mfw when some alpha ntrs best girl from the self insert protagonist in my animu

Even in the flashback where we see Aito meeting Ashisu for the first time , we see how Aito is taken aback at having a cute girl like Ashisu over his house and loses every last shred of composure he had(which wasn’t a lot to begin with). You can’t help but laugh at how Aito keeps apologizing to Ashisu for being such a kimo ota.Well he got that right at least…Luckily for Aito, Ashisu overlooks this when she sees how dedicated Aito is towards his “craft” (lol) There is one thing that I wonder about though and it is how much of Aito is based off of Hiroyuki himself, the mangaka of Mangaka Assistant? Of course the jokes are made all in good fun and with a large dose of exaggeration but sometimes the topics that we joke about are the ones that hit the closest to home. Mangaka Assistant might just be an exercise in self deprecating humor assuming Hiroyuki isn’t trying to purposely piss off some of the kimo otas out there(it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them actually got offended by this…)

Mangaka San Ep 2 Img 18

Being pitied is truly painful…



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