Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 3

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Episode 3 Impressions:

Oh boy, this anime outdid itself again. Well in ecchiness I mean…It’s always been quite a clichéd gag in anime for the main protagonist to have girls over only for them to inadvertently discover his “secret” stash of eroge magazines. It’s no surprise then that we would eventually see this type of joke play out in Mangaka san to Assistant. After all from the past 2 episodes, Mangaka san had never even bothered to go beyond tried jokes that are a staple in anime. Even if one went in without any expectation for the show, it’s hard to find anything particularly “funny’ in this show unless you really have that much of a broken sense of humor or you haven’t been watching anime for long. There isn’t a new spin or unique take but literally the gags are stretched for an exaggerated effect and taken further in a perverted manner than what has been done in the past.

The first half of the episode had Aito accidentally revealing his porn stash collection to Ashisu and Rinna. That doesn’t appear out of the ordinary except Ashisu and Rinna discovers that the cover models for a few of the magazines highly resembles them. Basicallly Aito has been fapping to his assistants and this ignites Ashisu’s sadistic side as she tears apart Aito’s ero magazines to his despair. Still you have to admire Aito’s guts for saying the magazines were a “practice run’. At this point, one can’t help but think the overall feel of the series has already become indistinguishable from that of an actual hentai barring h scenes and all .In fact a quite well received hentai,Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanma, has a premise which greatly resembles that of Mangaka but I digress. Anyways, of course Ashisu is repulsed by Aito and instantly crushes his fantasies of perhaps having that kind of relationship with her but hey, at least she doesn’t hate him. She just thinks he’s creepy. Indeed let’s hope Aito eventually breaks through Ashisu’s ironclad defense.

In this episode we alsMangaka san 13o have Ashisu sick and again, like in many anime , a girl who is not feeling well has the same sort expression as one who is in heat. I suppose this gives an excuse to draw in the lewd expressions. Words are misunderstood as usual to mean something sexual when that wasn’t the intention at all. Aito actually takes it further than most protagonist in that he actually strips Ashishu to her underwear in order to change her clothes It’s unclear what Aito would have done had Ashishu not stopped him but I have a feeling this show would be heading in a very different direction as it seems there simply just isn’t an off switch to Aito’s perverse mind. Aito does redeem himself by learning how to make rice porridge for Ashishu but having her simply thank him gets him really turned on. Some things never change I suppose.

Oh and the final of the four main girls of this anime made her appearance this episode. I think Rie Kugimiya is all that needs to be said to describe her. I guess they still typecast Kugimiya these days by making her the haughty, self important tsundere loli character of the show(the voice she’s using for Sena reminds me a lot of the one she uses for Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate no Gotoku; in some ways, Sena and Nagi do have similar personalities). Sena Kuroi is a highly competent manga assistant, even said to surpass the mangaka himself many times. Nevertheless, like a standard archetype, for all her skills, she can’t even open the ink bottle which is actually why she frequently went from working for one mangaka to another. It’s an embarrassing point for her to admit and as per usual, Aito has zero sense of delicacy by treating Kuroi like a kid(he’s simply adding oil to the fire).

Mangaka san 18

At the end of the day, Mangaka is no more than a tease. The jokes are so flat that the only comprehensible reason why anyone is still watching it is for the girls. And so, Mangaka attempts to appease its viewers with at least one fanservice scene an episode but they are just so standard and run of the mill, there isn’t any point in adding them. Really it’s hard to argue against the fact that Mangaka is pretty much a hentai but just without the lewdness and h scenes and if this is the case, is it really worth watching when one knows this show absolutely leads to nowhere on top of lacking any qualities which make episodic and slice of life anime enjoyable? Had Mangaka actually been a hentai, it would have been an infinitely better show.


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