Freezing Vibration Episode 7: Spellbound



Pict260While she served nearly no purpose last week, it turns out that Holly Rose is another girl very much under the influence of Louis – except for a very different set of reasons. Holly is genuinely in love with Louis, and is willing to do what he wants if it’ll please him; though to be honest, I cannot fathom why anyone would be infatuated with that misogynistic cunt. He treats her like shit! She tries to comfort him, and gets called a plaything and substitute before being sexually assaulted – it must be some… unique form of love. Their relationship is pretty much the other way round when compared to other Pandora/Limiter pairings; traditionally the Pandora holds the power (take Elizabeth and Andre for example). But despite Holly being #1 in Genetics UK, Louis is wearing the pants.

Pict257She’s fairly strong, as expected of her rank – a no-interval Double Accel followed by a Triple is pretty impressive. But remember, Satella was injured to begin with; and when her wings of light came out even an Ereinbar Set with Louis didn’t do much to help Holly. Of course, she decided to fight Satella out of jealousy; Satella is someone who managed to do what she couldn’t in capturing Louis’ feelings. I’m not sure “feelings” is the right word, actually. While Louis himself may say he feels love for Satella, its’s a sick, twisted and obsessive form of love that borders on possession and ownership rather than anything else. I mean, the kind of stuff he said was disgusting (she’s destined to live under his Freezing forever, apparently). While it may have been true at one point that she was alone and needed comfort with him by her side, that doesn’t have valid basis any more (and never did ever since she started getting assaulted). Is he seriously using that to justify all the raping and objectifying he’s done? Even Louis himself realizes he’s too soaked with sin.

Yeah, no shit.

Louis really should have died, especially as this show has no qualms about killing off its characters. I wasn’t too happy with how they deviated from the manga here – it was probably due to time constraints, but they skipped out Holly’s mental issues. After Louis tells her he never loved her, Holly snaps and throws him off the cliff, taking herself down as well in a suicide attempt. It’s Satella who jumps in and saves them. The ending was pretty much butchered – Louis’ feelings changed far too quickly for my liking, everyone’s somehow reconciliated and suddenly Satella and Kazuya have to leave again.

But for what it’s worth, I don’t even care any more – most importantly, it’s over. We never have to see Louis ever again! While the E-Pandora arc isn’t a masterpiece, I’m very glad we’re returning to it. Especially as we’re approaching the good stuff – watch how Scarlett Oohara’s suspicious tanks containing suspicious humanoid life forms (who look suspiciously like Maria Lancelot) end up causing more trouble than she bargained for.


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