Meganebu!: Episode 1 [First Impressions]

Meganebu 5Glasses! It’s all about the glasses! And the males who wear glasses! The beauty of it all. And for an anime that overflows with such manliness, I’d think the palette would be manly-er. There are rainbow colors everywhere!! And stars. Which probably attributes to reasons why this anime got so much flame for being homosexual. Why are so many persons loathsome of strictly male-gender based anime? It isn’t homosexual just because there are penises boys everywhere. But let bygones be bygones and let me get into this.

Meganebu 3Meganebu is all about the passion for eyewear that borders fanaticism – on the leader’s part, Akira Souma. He’s a funny, eccentric kind of guy, who wants the world to appreciate the greatest invention the world has received: Glasses. He has invented the idea of the X-ray Glasses MK. 34, which should be the breakthrough that makes all males at his school appreciate glasses (that fantasy was how the episode started). Mk. 34 gives the ability to see through clothes – and this would be used for the sole purpose of ogling girls. Not other guys.

But the idea is just that. An idea. Because so far, these members have mush for brains even though they have all the equipment and material necessary to create X-ray Glasses MK. 34. So away with the stereotype that once you wear glasses you are a certified nerd and genius!! (or maybe I’m the only one who thought that). But it really does give off that edge.

Meganebu 2The first years: Hayato Kimata (is that brown or deep purple glasses) and Mitsuki Kamatani (royal blue glasses) adore the crap out of Akira. Mitsuki’s a closet yandere and does little things to hurt Hayato, like dropping screwdrivers on his feet when he tries to talk to Akira but Mitsuki shouldn’t have to worry – Akira doesn’t like Hayato much. Hayato’s also  the only one who doesn’t have shit for vision – without glasses. He only wears it for show.

The operation of the Glasses Club, this episode, was to make MK. 34 for the Vision Test because Akira got the idea that a voluptuous female nurse would be with the eye doctor during the examination; which would give them the perfect opportunity to test the invention. That ended up being a bust. I should also add these guys stayed overnight on the school roof to make these glasses and went the next day without a shower…but who cares! (*raises hand*) 

Meganebu 1BUT! In the last few minutes of the episode, they finally succeeded in making these awesome glasses…which ended up breaking because Akira, in his clumsiness, fell flat on his face. Operation X-ray glasses is still a go though, because multiple failures isn’t enough to get the Glasses Club down.

And that’s it.

I really enjoyed this first episode. It was pure silliness. Boys being boys. There is nothing new about the character designs, but there are a lot of contrasts with the overall background and how they dress. There is so much color around them – colors that would be more associated with a female-based anime – while the rest of the male student body look like cardboard cut-outs in uniform. Life without glasses is dull! But through the looking glass, everything is more colorful, beautiful. There are a lot of manga-styled still frame insertions and I liked it that. Each character falls into the general archetypes – as expected.


Look at the borders - such lovely lace work.

Look at the borders – such lovely lace work.

Takuma Hachimine is the prince type of the group – he has a general nonchalant, happy-go-lucky vibe about him – and he has an obsession with cream puffs. He likes running barefoot too.

Meganebu 4This is the quiet, reserved guy. Probably I don’t even need to throw into this that he is my favorite and sets my heart aflame. He’s actually really smart (actually, they all are, when they try hard enough to be) but is easily distracted by food. And if he has to run, he will remove pieces of clothing as is necessary to give him the wind-advantage.

Meganebu is just going to go into these guys’ friendships with each other and maybe every now and again, Akira will have bromantic moments with his brother, Hikaru.

Meganebu 7

I really enjoyed the OP theme for this, I never paid much attention to the ED but the general OST throughout the episode was nice.

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  1. Asfghjkjgu,l says:

    My first reaction (never read the manga) was O crap, they have nipples XD

    • charlmeister says:

      Haha! Yes, I even forgot to squeeze that tid-bit of information there. It adds so much character xD Maybe because we’re seeing this anime through their lens, we actually see the male nipples that hardly get much detail in other anime :P

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