Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 11: Vending Machine

“They’re being killed again…”

P685 Summary

Misaka runs into Touma at a certain vending machine, known for eating people’s money and not dispensing any drinks at all. Misaka is unaware of Touma’s memory loss at the hands of Index, and converses with him until Kuroko arrives, believing that Touma is the reason Misaka’s been out all night recently. When MISAKA 10031 appears and informs Misaka that the experiment is in fact ongoing, a shocked Misaka begins to think of a drastic solution.


P670Finally, Touma makes a proper entrance! Idiotic enough to stand up for a complete stranger, retarded enough to feed a certain vending machine a 2000 yen bill…and coincidentally also without memories during the events of this episode. He’s met Misaka by this point (remember that time when they fought on the bridge and caused a blackout?) but he obviously doesn’t remember that, with Index’s feathers of light having wiped his memories completely. Well, lightning still doesn’t work on Imagine Breaker! He can’t complain about that xD Saten-san’s wild delusion that Misaka was sneaking out and sleeping with a boy all night was…actually quite logical, though knowing Misaka (who always wears shorts under her skirts) she’d never do such a thing. Don’t worry Kuroko, your fears are all misplaced :D Though she did react badly to seeing “that ape” Touma for the very first time. I’m very much looking forward to Touma vs Accelerator once more, it’s been ages since I’ve seen it xD

P684I might be wrong, but I think the Sister who approached Misaka while in front of Touma (my, isn’t she bold) was MISAKA 10031, the one Touma eventually witnesses getting killed during the Index version of the arc. As I mentioned before, Misaka’s being very naive in assuming the project’s been stopped just because all the DNA research labs are gone – and with 183 different new contractors involved in creating the Sisters (how the hell are they keeping this under wraps?) she can’t possibly keep track of them all. They were at the 9982nd Sister back when Misaka first found out, and since then, I don’t think it’s been all that long – yet they’re already past 10000. Stopped? No way, it’s more like they’ve sped up! As the higher-ups (a certain Aleister Crowley perhaps?) are advocating the project, Misaka opposing it would mean having the entire Academy City against her, Level 5 or not. I don’t think she has anything to fear though – if her aim is to destroy Tree Diagram…she’s uh, been beaten to it. Index accidentally shot it down, didn’t she?


I love cute things.

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