Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 10: Meltdowner

“Do you really think your childish quarrels could erase the darkness of this city?”



P643Misaka’s so cool ^^ I think it’s a fairly safe assumption to say that many of the Level 5’s are, in fact, batshit insane. Accelerator and Meltdowner certainly fit that description, and I haven’t seen enough of Mental Out to make a judgment. Misaka seems to be the most…mentally stable of the seven Level 5’s for sure. Anyway, Mugino’s got a bit of versatility of her own – she was easily able to use her ability as a defensive shield, and her “Silicon Burn” lets her adapt a bit to make up for her weaknesses – one being her inability use more than four of those lasers at once. Even so, she gave Misaka a good run for her money, and stayed on the offensive all the time. Misaka managed to hang in there really well! Ironically, it was mostly due to Frenda’s mistakes (teehee) that allowed her to take control of those dolls, as well as exploit the still-active fuse lines drawn all over the facility. She’s gonna be getting a spanking xD How did she even get round to drawing them all?

P659I was surprised to learn that the Level 5 ranking is based on how much they can profit from you – presumably, Accelerator is first because of the variety of things his Vector Change can mess about with, as well as its haxxor power level. If it was based on combat ability, Accelerator would still probably come out on top, but I’m not sure Misaka would still be third. Admittedly she was already exhausted before fighting Meltdowner (and was still able to outwit her) but those lasers are pretty frightening in terms of sheer power. If she wanted to, Mugino could have killed Misaka at many points in this episode. Don’t worry Misaka, you’ll always be the best to me :D

At least she managed to blow up the data in the facility…right? Though now, amidst the dramatic irony she’s fully believing that the scientists have stopped the project and cleared the data in fear. Well, she’s definitely wrong on both counts – the data was transferred, not cleared. As for the project, I don’t think anything’s going to change – Shinobu herself said that destroying all the facilities won’t mean the project gets cancelled. Come on, there’s no way it’d be that easy! I’m predicting one more rematch with Meltdowner at the very least. But for now, I guess I should appreciate the slice of life that’ll appear in the form of a certain unlucky Level 0…


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