Gin no Saji Ep 2: Hachiken joins the Equestrian Club

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Gin no Saji Ep 2 Img 0036What a cute episode! Hachiken has never taken part of clubs due to going to Cram School after school so was feeling a bit lost about which one he should join. In the end, he chose to join the Equestrian Club that Mikage is part of. Initially his only reason for even joining the club was because she was part of it, but by the end of the episode after getting the chance to sit alone on one of the horses changed his perspective. He even went as for to volunteer to cover the stable duties during Golden Week since Ookawa had to back out due to family emergency and nobody else was available. In return his genuine actions rewarded him to be working alongside with Mikage who will also be around during Golden Week.

While we haven’t seen Hachiken be given the actual riding lesson yet, I am sure at one point or another we will be given a glimpse of it to proove just how wrong Hachiken was about naively thinking  it’s going to be easier (in particular thinking he wouldn’t be using his his legs) and just how much of a workout is actually is to ride. But in the end still think that Hachiken will come to love it a lot.

Gin no Saji Ep 2 Img 0029The theme this episode revolved about lacking a dream. But it’s okay for Hachiken not to have a dream yet despite being in this school. He is the only one who hasn’t grown up on a farm while everyone else has and because of that gave them a direction of what they aspire to be. I do look forward to when Hachiken does finally find his dream. In the mean time, he is certainly becoming more and more excited about eating the meals because they are fresh and delicious. Although he was hesitant about eating that chicken that he witnessed Shinichirou behead (I would hesitate too, let alone I don’t think i’d be able to eat one after that (no matter how delicious it may be…) he was in for an amazing savoring treat.

That moment with the Holstein Club, wow talk about awkward! What we thought the boys were gushing over porn was actually female cows since their club is all about breeding them. I honestly have mixed opinions about what to think of it, a part of me found that absolutely hilarious, the other part of me found it disgusting. So like Hachiken, I probably should have known better that it was not porn because the students in this school is passionate about agriculture.

Finally, it turns out that Tamako and Shinichirou are siblings. The two of them have polar opposite opinions about how food should be as Shinichirou is in Food Sciences studying addictive-free in the food compared to fresh food as it is with no added flavors…I think? (I have no idea!)

Overall I think I enjoyed this episode more than the last one. I can tell this is probably going to be a bit slow in development, but I am not that concerned since while this season will only have eleven episodes, it is already confirmed to have a second season coming out in Winter 2014 Season.


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