RDG: Red Data Girl Ep 8: Taking the Initiative

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RDG- Red Data Girl Ep 8 Img 0008Izumiko really stepped up her game this episode which I was extremely pleased to see since I had to painfully point out in the previous episode that Izumiko feels frustrated about how ‘useless’ she is. As result in this episode, she was able to show us her more fierce, courageous and not to mention strong-mind side of her that I have been anxiously waiting to see. She was the one to confront Miyuki and ask him advice about perhaps summoning the Himegami and have him ask her how they can find Manatsu despite the fact that she is scared of the Himegami. Then when she got onto the other side she took no shit from “Masumi” by firmly standing her ground. Of course while she was tricked into purifying the seal thinking that was the only way to get Manatsu out, we were able to see what she is truly capable of doing when she puts her mind to it. She admits that she is not strong to her mother later at the end of the episode, but I think this experience will only make her get stronger and as her mother had pointed out, both she and Miyuki are extremely unstable right now and they must change in order to adapt to their spiritual powers and given circumstances. Miyuki had also encourages Izumiko to speak her mind more often, so I do hope we will see more of that since it was great to see her take the initiative rather than stand by hesitating on the side-lines.

I am relieved that this episode was able to fill in all the questions and confusion I had from the previous episode about what Masumi really is and what Manatsu have been referring to when he didn’t have much time. It turns out that Manatsu has the same heart condition as Masumi and their current medicine isn’t enough to cure him. Intially he thought that it would have been better to depart early so that he can ‘minimizes’ the pain and grief that Mayura will have to go through. However thankfully he realized that it was the wrong decisions and was the one to interrupt

RDG- Red Data Girl Ep 8 Img 0023The Masumi we see isn’t actually Masumi himself. He is nothing more than a manifestation reflecting a wish from the twins who summon him through the Great Nine-Headed Dragon that is sealed within that cave. In a way it’s kind of like when Wamiya took on a human form, responding to Izumiko’s wish. Only the twins had the power to summon him who had in return granted their wish- with of course ulterior motives in mind as soon as the two of them started changing since he wished to remain as Masumi or be released from the seal.

RDG- Red Data Girl Ep 8 Img 0032Back to Izumiko and the Himegami. The Himegami herself told Izumiko that she still knows nothing. I think for Izumiko to truly understand what’s going on instead of being left in the dark, and to accept herself and change/adapt to her circumstances she needs to be as vocal and upfront as she was today. This episode she showed us that she is capable of standing her ground when she puts her mind to it, so if she is sick and tired of being left in the dark, she either takes on the initiative of figuring things out herself or confronting her folks and demanding them to fill her in. Of course at the same time, we must remember that Miyuki had been given the task by the Himegami to prevent her from awakening. With that said, we don’t know whether anyone else is aware that the Himegami has claimed that she will be responsible for mankind’s extinction, but I think it is safe to assume that perhaps Izumiko’s mother is aware of it as she is the present host for the Himegami (as result isn’t allowed to see her daughter often) and reveals that she isn’t able to detain the Himegami for much longer.

RDG- Red Data Girl Ep 8 Img 0028Finally last but not least, it was interesting to hear that Wamiya had confronted Miyuki (off-screen) and the two of them have agreed to combine their powers since it’s the only way they can follow Izumiko. This explains why Miyuki was like, “they aren’t real” about the wings (which was hilarious because Izumiko was so confused). It was even more hilarious when Miyuki asked her about why Wamiya took on a form that looks eeirely similar to Takayanagi and then remarks that guys who looks like him must turn her on. I CAN’T!


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