Oreimo 2 Episode 5: Boyfriend

“Wh-what are you two doing? Since when have you…”



Kirino asks Kyousuke to act as her boyfriend in order to fool a modelling agent, who seems intent on bringing Kirino to Europe to further her career. When Kyousuke rashly claims he’ll be going on a date with Kirino the next day, the two are forced to keep up the guise to keep their story valid, much to the surprise and shock of Manami, Kanako and Kuroneko. But what’s this about Kirino’s supposed “real boyfriend”?


P671Well, things seem to be finally rolling ahead! It wasn’t all too surprising to learn that Kirino only asked Kyousuke to be her boyfriend in order to fool someone – but unusually, it wasn’t a friend but rather a modelling agent, who wanted Kirino to accompany her to Europe. And we all know what happened the last time Kirino tried to go abroad to further her career. There wasn’t even any thinking to do on her part this time round, and Misaki-san was very firmly rejected, under the pretext of Kyousuke “loving” Kirino too much to let her go. Of course, the date that followed (in order to keep up appearances) was the perfect chance for lots of crazy run-ins, from freaking out Manami (whom Kirino still doesn’t seem to like) to shocking Kuroneko, who took it pretty well all things considered xD Their meeting with Kanako and Bridget was perhaps the most interesting – Bridget’s questions made me wonder just how much of this was an act. Everything Kirino and Kyousuke said they liked about each other was absolutely true, if only indirectly passed off as “acting” – and Kirino did enjoy herself even if she was being tsun about it the whole time. It’s probably why Kyousuke got yet another good slap this season – it was quite insensitive of him to imply he hated their date while Kirino had fun. I think Kirino should have taken his apology more seriously though…their relationship is good enough for Kyousuke to try and make up with her, at the cost of swallowing his pride.

P702Kyousuke was right when he said everything was wrapped up too easily – Kirino’s now opened another path with her cryptic “next time I’ll ask my real boyfriend to do it” line. Did she say it out of spite? Maybe. Is she lying? I’m not so sure. We haven’t actually seen too many male characters (apart from Akagi, but he’s all over Sena) that aren’t Kyousuke, so it’d be a welcome change of pace for sure. Kirino was happy to see Kyousuke worrying over that possibility (like the siscon he is) but still never gave a straight answer. Personally, I doubt any guy would be on good enough terms with Kirino for them to become lovers, but I won’t rule out the possibility of Kirino having something to do with the strange guy that turned up at the end of the ep. Kirino sure does know a lot of people…

Given that most of the episodes so far have been one-shots, it’s good that we’re finally getting more Shironeko Kuroneko, who turned up to Summer Comiket wearing a white one-piece instead of her typical Maschera cosplay outfit. And Kyousuke even complimented her :D I suppose it’s the very least she deserves from Kyousuke after the shock she got from catching him on a date with Kirino. Man that reaction was hilarious xD

“Say what? Mister siscon pervert, who flirts with his real sister and makes her use her first name?”



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