Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 5: Tuesday of Turbulence – I

‘It’s STRENGTH that shapes the world. Those of ability should simply lead.’

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 I think we can all agree that episode 5 was definitely better than episode 4, it’s just a simple fact of life y’know? Since day 1 I’ve been wondering, just who is this boy who’s leading JP’s? Yamato Hotsuin apparently. And he’s apparently friends with make up boy (who’s name we now know is Alcor)… oh! And he apparently had a deprived childhood during which he summoned a demon that burned a couple people and made good ol’ Yamato into the cold and distant white haired guy that we love today. Interesting character? I think so.

 There’s only one real question on everyone’s mind though… was episode 5’s story better than episode 4’s? Yup, at least, that’s the simple answer. Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2 Episode 5 Image 0024Time to elaborate. In no way is this ‘the greatest plot’ of all time but it’s pretty darn good in comparison to the episodes of late (in this series). Episode 4’s focus was purely on action and despair whereas episode 5 takes on a more relaxed plot with a crap ton more character development. Hell, we were even introduced to FIVE new characters this episode, all of which seem awesome might I add, but I’ll talk more about them later. Back to the plot. So there are five septentriones left… so I’m guessing we’re going to see a lot more of them in the coming episodes. What that means for us is the A. at least every other episode from now on will include a septentrione and B. if it doesn’t, they’re going to have to cram them in at the end just to reacha satisfying conclusion… You see, that’s why they should have made this a 24 episode series… but I digress, I don’t have a problem with the impending action, I just wish we could get more episodes like this, interesting episodes that involve comedy and the cliche Daichi ‘My demons are weak!’ pun (which I love, by the way). I think that in a survival show like this it’s just nice to have some character development episodes. They don’t have to be boring (as shown in this episode) and they can also be thrilling (as shown by Hibiki’s crazed Suzaku killing all those demons), so we don’t we get some more? Because it’s a thirteen episode series… yup.

 So let’s talk about are first two main characters, Daichi and Nitta. Both are two completely different character from when we first saw them and that’s a fact, no one can doubt that these two have been changed completely. Nitta is no longer the same girl who collapsed to the floor with tears in the second episode and Daichi is no longer a suicidal maniac who drives cars at Septentriones (at least, I sincerely hope he isn’t), they’re both two entirely different characters, characters who can joke about and kick ass in their new world… apart from Daichi, he’s still a weakling. I’ve loved watching them grow as characters and I loved the moment where they saw Hibiki again and when the realized that he had changed sides.

 Speaking of Hibiki’s side changing antics… Hibiki, what’s up with that hoodie? Not only does it make you look like a bad ass, it makes you look like a Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2 Episode 5 Image 0014*cough* ‘cute *cough* bad ass. And speaking of your bad ass antics some more, I’m really liking ‘Dark Hibiki’. Even though he still retains that humanity that made him the heroic character that he was, he is an entirely different person… I guess you would be after the death of one of your teammates… AND SPEAKING OF TEAM MATES… what the hell happened to Hinako? Is she dead? Is she alive? Why didn’t they tell us? Why have we been left in the dark? Anyway… Hibiki. I guess we should talk about the elephant in the room? His dead face clip? Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. I presumed that the Hibiki would get a dead face clip about Daichi or Nitta and decide to go back and help them, but I in no way thought that Hibiki would get one until the end (at least). Do you guys think he’ll die? He might die. I mean, surely he could just be summoned back as a devil… that was a joke, Hibiki will never die… and that’s why he’s out hero! Hibiki’s slow decent into ‘darkness’ is proving to be one of my favorite parts about this show because it’s just so enthralling. I love it when a good guy turns to ‘the dark side’.

 Thing is, is it really the dark side? Ronaldo (new character and leader of opposition) makes a valid argument against JP’s and Yamato, an argument that is further validated by Yamato’s flashback and comments in this episode. Ronaldo see’s that all Yamato cares about is being the strongest and ruling over those who are not, Ronaldo doesn’t want a world/Japan (because Japan is the center of the world in these shows y’know?) like that and so he’s fighting the power! I can kinda see why Hibiki would want to join him but this drastic change of sides is kind of odd don’t you think? Hibiki always seemed like the guy who would want to talk things out… but I guess the death of a stranger really changed him, huh? I joke of course, Keita wasn’t ‘just some stranger’, Hibiki still blames himself for both Keita and Hinako’s deaths (at least he thinks Hinako is dead… truth is even I don’t know if she is…) and it’s affecting him badly. I just want Hibiki to be happy! Is that too much to ask for? So yeah, Ronaldo… cool guy… I just hope he’s right about this… I mean, why would Makoto work for Yamato if he didn’t have at least SOME good motives other than, you know, ruling the world… Oh Yamato, why you such a heartless bastard?

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 MOAR NEW CHARACTERS? What’s this! Yes, Airi and Jungo, to be precise. We haven’t really seen much of them yet to be honest and all we know about them is that they work for JP’s but are considering changing sides… flippant bastards! I joke, but still, apparently everyone is leaving JP’s… I would too if I’m being honest… Airi seems cute (in a sort of bad ass way) and Jungo… I can just tell that I’m going to love Jungo… but not as much as I like Daichi… Although, Jungo can still prove me wrong! I mean, we’ve still got over half the series to go!

 Ronaldo brought up an interesting point though… The world is on the verge of collapse and it’s being invaded by alien invaders so what do the Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2 Episode 5 Image 0006humans do? Fight each other. Now if Ronaldo really thinks about it, he’s the reason why the humans are fighting each other in the first place but the point still stands, fighting is human nature. Those carnal ‘fight of flight’ instincts still apply in this new world and even though there is a bigger threat to face, humanity isn’t capable of stopping their petty squabbles for even a moment and coming together to face their problems together. I feel as though this is what Hibiki will want eventually and I feel as though JP’s and Ronaldo’s groups will come together to face their ultimate enemy but until then the groups remain divided and the war for human supremacy goes on. I just want every to be and interact together! Is that too much to ask?

 To conclude, this episode was definitely more enjoyable than the last. With character development and flashbacks in abundance, this episode proved to be an overall enjoyable experience with enough plot twists to rinse my shock sensors dry. And one more thing… there was no ‘next episode’ preview? Surely this means great/depressing things are to come! Excitement meters set up to 2000%!

 P.S And Linzz… Daichi has yet to do anything truly awesome… at least he’s consistent though!

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4 Responses

  1. TheVoid says:

    There’s five septentriones left. Merak and Dubhe already died. Also that isn’t makeup, those are Alcor’s eyebrows/eyelashes. They’re really weird to look at. I agree this episode was better than last weeks.

    Daichi awesome moment was ruined in the anime. Where he tried to protect his friends like in the game by charging the truck at Dubhe. They ruined it by not having Dubhe attempt to explode at the same time he hits it, causing its attack to backfire and its body to be severely damaged as a result.

    • Chris says:

      My bad! I read somewhere that there were nine Septentriones is total and so 9-2=7 so… yeah, I’m not a complete failure at math :D And now that I know they’re his eyelashes I shall never be able to look at him in the same way again (without feeling uncomfortable, that it).

      And yeah, I felt as though Daichi’s ‘awesome moment’ lacked the awesome feeling that the game gave it. To be honest though I thought that that moment in particular would translate well into anime, but I guess I was wrong… my bad…

      • TheVoid says:

        I figured it would translate well into the anime as well. Your source isn’t completely wrong. There is a extra Septentrione, but it’s just one. I think I know who the Ninth member is, but it’s not a Septentrione. Its associated with them though.

        • Chris says:

          Ah! Well thank you for clearing that up. I guess all will be revealed ;)

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