RDG: Red Data Girl Ep 3: Wamiya’s Wrath

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AJSDHAKSDJAKSDAJSHDKAD SO MANY FEELS!!!! My inner shipping fangirl is just SWOONING over the Miyuki x Izumiko goodies we got this episode! I was so happy to see the two getting along and most of all- regardless having been subconsciously, Izumiko was able to speak out and be courageous in front of Miyuki. She was the one who saved them from Wamiya’s wrath. Then to top things off, her enchanting dance to dismiss Wamiya as her familiar and Miyuki was absolutely captivated.Red Data Girl Ep 3 Img 0025

It was very important that Izumiko had questioned herself why she wanted to go to Sototsugawa High School even if it meant defying her father. It turns out that it was because Wamiya didn’t want her to go to Houjou Academy in Tokyo. Wamiya believed that it was Miyuki’s fault for making Izumiko change (when it is in fact, her own will and desire). And so he decides that it is necessary to eliminate Miyuki.

Red Data Girl Ep 3 Img 0013I wasn’t expecting Wamiya to be the Himigami’s Familiar. I figured that he might have been from another powerful household. So with that said, here is what happened: Izumiko was only able to start Wamiya after she had cut her bangs. Wamiya was never human, he had simply drifted around without a form and then was given a shape by Izumiko’s wish to have friends. This actually worried me a bit because I am questioning whether her friends she had were under Wamiya’s control. We saw how he took control of three students in order to get rid of Miyuki- so if Izumiko’s friends were under his control, that would be quite heartbreaking. We are then later told that he must have been the Himegami’s familiar-a lesser god who serves a great god until Izumiko had made him submit. It was interseting to see that Miyuki was the only one who had no clue who Wamiya was because he couldn’t see him until Wamiya confronted them within his territory in the woods. Nonomura was able to see both Wamiya and his shadow, so it just tells you that in order to see those dark ominous shadows, or familiars, you need to have a sufficient amount of power. I think Miyuki was even ‘charmed’ or something when he suddenly told Izumiko to go with Wamiya, but thankfully Izumiko had noticed because he was behaving out of character.

Finally last but not least, Miyuki decides to give up trying to stay out of his father’s circle and makes his resolve to become a Mountain Monk and go to Houjou Academy so that he can train to become strong enough to stay close to the Himegami and survive. Woot! I cannot wait to see how much stronger he has gotten!

Gosh I am surprised that I don’t have much to talk about this episode. I think they were just laying things out, closing up some loose ends before they proceed their setting transition to Houjou Academy since Wamiya himself isn’t going there. However in the preview, we see a similar face (whom Wamiya is with in the OP) so I am guessing perhaps this will be his true form or something along the lines (after all he was taking form as a middle school student as Izumiko had wished).

PS: There is more footage after the credits where as Izumiko has arrived to Houjou Academy in Tokyo where she will be living in the dorms. We learned that she didn’t have to do any entrance exams to get in because of her Himegami status and that her roommate is a bubbly girl name Mayura.





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