Karneval Episode 2: Varuga

Karneval Episode 2 -  (21)

“Filled with a power of man’s spirit! I am the sparkling Prince who makes you hearts throb!” – Yogi


Continuing from the first episode, Gareki was left with Nai after that long night of chase but then Circus, the Second Ship, decided to take Nai and Gareki into their home for protection. Nai seems to had become the target of the enemy organization as well and resulted to more trouble in Nai’s case.


That intro for the opening sequence reminds me of PolyphonicBranch’s Pumpkin Syndromeパンプキン・シンドローム」. They actually have almost the same PV anyway. And this kind of opening songs is what I like! It reminded me of how cool a show is with awesome character designs. I actually enjoy watching shows more with good quality character designs and shiny animation – maybe it’s because I am a girl that I do – but just to tell you one thing: I hate moe animation. End of discussion and no further reasons needed.

Karneval Episode 2 -  (11)Nai has been having these dreams when he tried to search for Karoku. The way he described the scene was totally up right. Those were blood, alright. And even if he was told not to go anywhere he still went his way. You are so uncute, Nai. LOL Well, here we go again – trouble! As expected, Nai is seriously the type to be prone to trouble all the time. I feel really bad for Gareki for having someone like that with him and at the same time, he has this small obligation to take care of him – somehow. But this cute side of Gareki sure is good to see as well. He cares about the kid, obviously. Even if they are stranger, he can’t help but to care for him because of well, maybe in connection with Karoku as well and because of human curiosity. Man, these two goes really well as a team to become normal. Nai needs Gareki around to stabilize his ability to attract trouble and Gareki needs Nai to make himself busy with other stuff (like saving him) in order to reduce his thieving activity. Perfect.

Karneval Episode 2 -  (5)Man, the Circus and their hideout! Everything… floats! THEIR SHIP. THEIR SHIPPPPPP!!!! D8 LOL Anyway, we get to see new faces this episode as well. One of them is Tsukitachi, the First Ship Captain. In contrast to Hirato, he seems to be a more jolly kind of person. Well, usually anime with more than one captain should have someone like him anyway. Like what Bleach has – okay it’s a really different anime but since Bleach have these different kinds of captains as well, I thought it’s a nice example. I kind of like his kind of character – even though he’s carefree and has this jolly personality, he is still the captain of the First Ship – which he holds the qualifications of that of a leader and a fighter. We get to see the members of the Circus as well.

There’s Yogi, another fighter from the Second Ship, who just happened to be at the parade and Nai went into him and bump him into the ground and there was this guy who was after Nai and stepped onto him like a cushion and… HAHAHAHA THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS. But even so, he came to the rescue for both Nai and Gareki (well, for Gareki at least because he was in a life and death situation by then). But those footprints behind his costume (Nyanperowna, he says) are… making me laugh. Okay. But damn, another person with a complex personality is in Circus. He’s cool and definitely really cool introducing himself like some kind of a hero to the rescue and then says he gets really nervous when he fight. D8 Yogi’s design actually reminds me of Collonelo from Katekyou Hitman Reborn! XD

Karneval Episode 2 -  (35)

How can this series have all the cool, hot, awesome, sexeh guys and girls anyway?! That’s just… sooo against the anime rules!

Karneval Episode 2 -  (43)It seems Circus’ interest towards our duo is really deep. May it be with Karoku – the person Nai is looking for – or with Gareki – who became a thief for a specific big reason he can’t tell. Then we get to know creatures like Varuga – which were created by a criminal organization (duh, if there’s a defense organization, most likely they’ll have something like this as well lol) that the Circus are after. Mine was one of them. Well, at least Hirato assigned both Tsukumo and Yogi on the two guys. And… TSUKUMOOOO YOU LOVELY GIRL. <3333 From today onwards, you belong to my babies. Ugh <33333 I don’t know the name of the hot chick with green awesomely wavy hair and with that sexeh bodeh but someone will comment her name on this post, I hope. LoL

Karneval Episode 2 -  (41)

How obvious.

Then again… NAI IS IN TROUBLEEEEE!!! D8 But this time, there goes a lot of people to the rescue. Man, to think that one guy in trouble will cause more than two people more trouble than what they have at hand. XD Although I am curious as to why Nai is called as a “red seed”.

Karneval Episode 2 -  (50)

Oh, hai thar, Karoku. You’re not handsome. LOL

PS: Yes, that’s it, slowly show me Karoku… 


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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