Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 72 + 73: The Abuse of Travel Cards

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 73 -  (12)

“You won’t be able to deal significant damage. But continue to attack! Because he will still defeat you.” – Bisky


Hisoka, from the previous episode trailed off from Gon’s party to meet the other members of the Phantom Troupe to see the Nen Exorcist in order to get back Chrollo’s Nen from being locked by Kurapika.

While with Tsez’ party, he was able to commence the announcement to Genthru that they do not plan on giving up the cards they have and thus began their chase throughout Greed Island which made them abuse the use of Accompany Cards and Return Cards. When Tsez’ party’s travel spells ran out, they decided to use the Leave Card and came back to the reality and found out that the deal for the reward on beating the game was canceled.

Episode 72

Episode 73


So The Phantom Troupe’s party had found the Nen exorcist and not only that, they also have Kalluto on their side. Ahhh this damn cute thing of Zoldyk’s. <333 I still cannot accept that you’re a boy but none the less, the more reason I could love you, Kall. <333 AND HISOKA, DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH KALL. YOU HAS GON NOW SO…. BE LOYAL. HAHAHAHA Okay, well, this is one of Hisoka’s strong points after all. If ever he finds someone strong, he’d be hungry immediately.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 72 -  (3)

No, Hisoka, shut up.

Now with Tsez and Genthru. Tsez’ party’s initial motive is to get the card that is being monopolized by Genthru, Breath of Archangel. Well, that is the only thing they have to do in order to beat the game and the only card that they are missing since Patch of Shore is already secured by Gon’s party and Lucky Alexandrite is on its way into deal with Gon. But Gentru also is on a plan to chase them. After the decision of not giving up the cards they have gained, I believe that is the only conclusion that Tsez’ party could come up with. They took years in gathering them, ya know! And since everything is in place, with all the travel cards they need that they had gotten from Genthru’s party as well, they are ready to… well, run away to but time for Gon’s party. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 72 -  (12)Gon and Bisky had started out training while Killua was instructed to stay still and heal his injured hands. But the time limit that was given to them is not enough to train Gon to be powerful enough to go against Genthru alone. This made Bisky decide to give Gon another level of Emitter’s training, not knowing for the guy that it was several levels higher. Since this is a training needed to chase after the time, it was the only way Bisky could think of. But Gon is having trouble on doing the training. Not to mention, Killua had the urge to ask about Bisky’s Nen specialty and regretted asking it after. HAHA Well, SINCE Gon hadn’t had any good progress with his training, Killua was forced to come up with an alternate plan. AND MAN, I’M EXCITED ABOUT THAT ROCK.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 72 -  (16)

I present to you… “ZA RAKU”

Because of the endless assaults that Genthru’s party has been receiving from Tsez’ they decided to go after them and used the other players to gather travel cards for them while black mailing each of them. They also camped themselves in Masadora to collect the needed travel cards and outnumber Tsez’ group and at the same time, avoiding one of Tsez’s group to come close to the spell shop at the town which made Goreinu unable to gain more accompany cards for the main group. Although after the chase had started and since Genthru’s Accompany Cards are a lot in number compared to Tsez’, they were left with no choice but to use the Leave Card. But after getting into the Battera Mansion, it was said by one of the guards that Battera had canceled the reward in beating the game since, revealed at episode 73, his lover who was on a coma had already passed away. Since he needed one of the cards from Greed Island, Breath of Archangel, which can cure any illness for his lover, he didn’t need it anymore.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 73 -  (6)

OMEGEEDDDD His lover is… too young and lovely. Q_Q

Tsez’ party is still out of the game and only a few minutes later they will have to give up all the cards on their book. Genthru’s party was happy about it while Gon’s party was quite worried about it as well. It is also impossible for them to get back to the game as well since Genthru’s party had been camping out on the starting point ever since they were able to get back to the game. At least it was later revealed that Goreinu has all the cards needed to beat the game and this motivated Gon’s party even more. With the time limit for the cards to stay on someone’s book while they are out of the game was up for Tsez’ party, Genthru’s party immediately went to go after Gon’s – who they deduced has the original copy of the Patch of Shore.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 73 -  (20)When Genthru’s party got into Gon’s, the scene was pretty intense especially that the kids have to act like they know nothing while being cautious about The Bomber. Well, that is not until another game of tag started again. XDD I pity those travel cardssss. Q_Q Well, that is okay since this game of tag is not that long because Gon’s party does originally plan to take on The Bomber head on. Genthru also decided to fight them as well in a one-on-one basis thus giving Bisky and Killua the upper hand while battling against the other two. Killua also end up trying to experiment on his opponent with his yoyos. OKAY. KILLUA AND YOYO. <3 If Kurapika has chains; it would be cool for Killua to have something the like so it’s Yoyos and electricity. YAY! I also pity Bisky’s opponent and… OMGED BISKY YOU ARE SOOOO MASCULINE BUT PRETTYYYY. <3 And I love how your dress seriously stretched itself out just to make your bigger self fit in it.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 73 -  (16)

Oh well, at least Gon’s will made Genthru angry and pushed him to use his power in the end. Man, I remember how Gon manage to pass the Hunter Exam because of his will as well. I can still recall how that ninja guy decided to give up the fight because of it too. Well, instead of following the plan of luring Genthru into the trap, Gon won’t allow everything to just end with not fighting back. Of course, it’ll be more fun with Genthru, using his power on him and survive it and then the trap comes after. That’s out Gon for you!


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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