Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 20: The Hole Has Been Filled

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 20 -  (28)

“A pleasure to meet you. My name is Fuwa Aika. And I am the one who carries the will of what you call the Tree of Exodus.” – Fuwa Aika


Barrel and doll at hand, Hakaze started her journey in the past once again and this time, to figure out who killed Aika two years ago. With risks at hand and in mind, Hakaze still went on with her plan to help Mahiro out while the guys are busy training Himura to become a more effective Mage of Exodus.

After getting herself placed into the past once again, Hakaze suddenly meets Aika on the streets and when she tried so hard to run away from her, Aika deliberately caught up with her and introducing herself as the Mage of Exodus.


After getting off from Angry Anime Bitches, I, Linzz, have returned to give you to most awesome episode of Zetsuen no Tempest and will plan to catch up with Hunter x Hunter 2011 latur. Hurdur. XD I actually feel bad stealing this episode from Tenderfoot. She must be dying on reviewing this episode as well but I’d like to do my share anyway so I’m doing it! YAY!

First of all, WHY DID THEY ONLY THINK OF USING HAKAZE’S TIME TRAVELLING POWER IN THIS EPISODE ONLY?!?! I mean, that could have done before long and Hakaze will not be limited with her time to yield from the past. Because of the so many months delayed, she has to race with time as well – not that if the criminal behind Aika’s death is NOT Hakaze herself. Her hypothesis about her, being Aika’s killer, is also a possible. I mean, if it’s Hakaze from the future, she has a reason or two to kill Aika since she is Yoshino’s boyfriend after all but I don’t really think Hakaze is the type of girl who would actually see the situation of life like that either. Even if she does have the reason and will to kill Aika in the past, that doesn’t really change the fact that Aika in the present is already dead. Okay, that sure is complicated. LOL (IDK what I’m typing now). But still, Hakaze is also not a kind of person who would just let someone who has a great influence on two people like Aika be killed with just a meaningless reason. She said it herself, if she find the necessity to kill Aika herself, she will and obviously, that will fill the gap of the killer that the Tree of Genesis couldn’t locate fully.

Before I would go and dig out the rest of the episode, let us discuss briefly Samon’s level of hilarity. COME ON PEOPLE EPISODE’S 20’S BEST HIGHLIGHT IS SAMON’S JOKE. I am serious. It was the greatest ice breaker between the level of seriousness in this episode and I’m pretty sure it is something to be thanked about. No more, no less. Samon, indeed, you are a character that never stop to amaze me and at the same time, reminding myself that you are a pretty much OCed character since the start of this series. LOL

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 20 -  (9)

Although the ‘returning-to-the-past’ mission was not really necessary for the plot to continue, it was still decided to be pursued because of Hakaze’s pact with Mahiro from the start: whereas, Mahiro will help Hakaze get out of that island and Hakaze will help Mahiro find out who’s Aika’s killer and bring him or her to him so he could kill that person. This is the best solution, in my opinion. Especially that even the Tree of Genesis couldn’t really help about finding out who’s the killer and even gave false information. And the way Hakaze’s character has been molded out during the second half of this series (after the two trees fought), I’ve been deeply falling in love with her character especially her side of falling in love. Her boldness (IDK if that is the right word, actually) on her feelings towards Yoshino is something you can’t just have by effort. It is rather in borne. LOL Still, this is one characteristics of Hakaze that I like. You see, most heroine in anime series are those shy type when it comes to the person they love and showing and saying what they feel about them and Hakaze is one of those ‘one in a thousand’ girls in the anime world, who happens to show and says the obvious when it comes to her feelings of love. And I do understand why Jun and Samon would be worried about her travel because of this. XD

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 20 -  (14)


Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 20 -  (24)After some time, we also saw Hakaze naked, again. Fan service or not, this is rather not that disturbing to me unlike some series out there which gives these fan service that my eyes couldn’t really accept. Then later, the Mage of Exodus met the real Mage of Exodus by fate. Okay. I’m not really that shocked to learn that Aika is the real and whole Mage of Exodus since HER CHARACTER IS WAAAAYYY TOOO PERFECT FROM THE START. I know that they only show Aika’s character on only a few times before since because she is… well, dead. But the way she was shown on those flashbacks are just too perfect. Well, I couldn’t really deny another fact that both Mahiro and Yoshino are in love of her and that she might have been the most perfect girl in the world too. Man, all these love thingies destroys every image of the characters and I don’t really know which is to like and hate anymore – but Hakaze is my girl, that’s for sure.

PS: I don’t really know why Hakaze had to say her thoughts out loud that way. Seriously.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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