Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 11: Finding Friendship

“No matter how much I change, whoever I encounter, however the world changes…I’ll always love you, Kagami!”



Edogawa is still wary of Sasami, thinking that every interaction they have is a challenge towards her that she must defeat. However, as Sasami makes increasing efforts to befriend Edogawa, Kagami is getting increasingly jealous…



Poor Edogawa…she’s been horribly paranoid all throughout the episode – and that’s after over-thinking things last week too. From speaking in the wrong tele-divine channel to interpreting Sasami’s invitations as challenges, she’s definitely got the wrong end of the stick. Even Kuzuryuu and Tamamo were going on about how Sasami doesn’t mean any harm (at least on this trip) and to be honest, half the time it’s not really even Sasami there – and Edogawa knows its Yagami Tama instead. Sasami doesn’t even have Amaterasu’s power within her in the first place, so I don’t really see why Edogawa’s intent on defeating her “challenges”. The other two don’t even seem interested in fighting her at all. She has potential to change though – even after seeming so uptight on staying enemies, she’s willing to exchange phone numbers with Sasami xD She really should be taking friendship lessons from the Vividteam.

I saw Kagami getting jealous as a good thing – as weird as that may seem, it’s nice to get a confirmation that Kagami does care about Sasami, no matter how much indifference she puts up sometimes. Even though she may technically be a robot, such jealousy doesn’t show that she’s broken: it shows that she’s human. Sasami herself is happy that Kagami got hurt because of her – you’re not a stand-in friend Kagami, you’re the best :D

Finally, as there wasn’t too much happening this episode, we had another mysterious point on Kamiomi again, the eternal butt of all jokes. Seriously, he’s tossed around so much that I’m wondering if his supposedly godly status is just a plot point that they’re just going to leave hanging…especially in an arc like this, where he turns up half-dead on his bike and spends his time enjoying Sasami/Tama’s out of character affections. Who is Kamiomi exactly? As well as Juju, now even Tsurugi’s calling him onii-chan. If her younger brother is Susanoo, could Kamiomi be the incarnation of Tsukuyomi – not their family name, but the Shinto god Tsukuyomi?


I love cute things.

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