Robotics; Notes Episode 20: Declaration of War

Robotics Notes Episode 20 -  (44)

“Robots can’t walk if you don’t watch over them. They’re hopeless and cause so much trouble. But if we treat them nicely, they are there for us.” – Senomiya Akiho



SCREW SUMMARY BECAUSE THIS NEEDS MORE LOVE!!! (What I mean is, I was lazy to write the summary so yeah) MORE IMPRESSIONS!!! By the way, I would like to thank Eva for filling in for me when I was away. She’s an angel~

To be honest, this episode brought chills to my spine every time how I am reminded that this anime is mecha and there will be war. Yes, indeed, war, and war it will be! Kimijima had made the wrong decision to make Akiho as his rival when it comes to robots. We all do know how shallow minded Akiho is (but with a little sense on the side) and how her love for robots are as high as the sky. She treasures both robots and her sister so much that she doesn’t want someone like Kimijima Kou to interfere in that love story. I feel pity for Kai for saying this (since I do ship Kai and Aki) but robots and Aki’s relationship is something that is deeper than any love story out there. LOL Not to really exaggerate it but I can’t find other words to describe it. And so to speak, she was even willing to fight against her sister.

Robotics Notes Episode 20 -  (3)It was revealed, by Kimijima, that Aki’s sister, Misaki, killed him during the SS Anemone incident which was the cause of Aki and Kai’s problem with they thought processing (I wonder if they should thank Kimijima about this… lol). And at the same time, this made things worse and Kimijima also used Airi as his tool in going against the children. He was such a cruel person. He just used Airi – who trusted him with all her heart – and then later found out that she was just a freaking tool for his experiments and research… I can’t even swallow the fact the he fucking cried when talking to Airi about his plan. Man, if this series doesn’t give me a good reason why Kimijima did all of this, I will not find any room in my heart ot like him one bit. Damn, bastard, I know. If Frau’s gonna know about this, you are sure to meet your end, Kimijima, and this is not a pun. Although even after all those information thrown at her, Aki still remained herself and even asked a question that was least expected by me (and almost by all). HAH! That’s Aki for you and thank you for being cool to yourself, Aki. It is quite funny that this time, it was Kai who’s unable to control his temper and actions while Aki was the one who acted cool in his place. I don’t mind these things once in a while.

Robotics Notes Episode 20 -  (15)

Aki, let me correct that script of yours. “THIS IS WAR, KIMIJIMA KOU AND FUCK YOU.” LOL

Personally, even if I had to go against my sister and no matter how important she is to me, knowing that she’s being controlled by Kimijima, and the things she has been doing are the things she doesn’t want to, I’d also have the same opinion as Aki and I know Misa would thank Aki for doing so.

Enough with these heart-felt writing since we should go to the main point of this episode. THE WAAAARRRR. I know it wasn’t really officially stated by Aki herself, but let me clear it with a few words: THIS. IS. WAR. And I mean it. Giant robot of justice will take over and is the opponent of the SUMERAGI shit and will save the world once and for all! And I mean, THIS IS MECHA! GREAT MECHA! I don’t know what to say about this and how to explain this but I felt so excited all of the sudden. And to think that Tanegashima School’s principal would even demand the reformation of the Robotics Club, their classmates and friends, extending help, JAXA and Nae’s dudes came,  then there were a lot of moving vehicles – simple put, ALL OF TANEGASHIMA’s important people are there and even the FISHERMAN GUY. Yes, Subaru’s father. It was a teary scene. I know, I know, too mainstream but HECK THAT! This scene in this episode is too precious.

Robotics Notes Episode 20 -  (40)

Yes, I took the liberty and time in editing these two screenshots to become one. I’m a genius!

After all those dreams, blooming then cracked by fate and gets destroyed all of the sudden was the actual thing that happened in this series on its first few parts. The ROBO-ONE Competition where they didn’t really went ‘til the end and Mr. Pleiades’ robot got smashed; the GunPro-1 which became a fail after it was seen moved too slow; the case with Gunvarrel’s last episode as it ended in a cruel way; and the GunPro-2 which was trashed just recently – THEY ARE ALL CRUEL. But this time, I just hope that this dream will come and meet its reality with no further destruction. If this one fails, I really don’t know what to do. But since we’re nearing the end of the series (thinking about this hurst /sob), I’m sure something epic will follow through.

Misaki, on the other hand, damn, I feel really sorry for her. She still plays Kill-Ballad! OMG! I just knew Misa is not that kind of girl. Kimijima’s death was justice and I will kill every person who would put Misaki in jail! She did what she could to stop Kimijima; although it was already too late since Kimijima successfully transferred his own brain into data and now a forever data and a forever alone guy (poor him). Misaki, doing all the things that she hated and couldn’t even repent for what had she done (which wasn’t her fault, actually) towards Mizuka and that she had to force herself to her limit just to hold herself from hurting her own father, took more energy than it looked like. I wonder how Kimijima made Misa wore that freaky suit in the beginning. It doesn’t look flashy and Kimijima’s fashion sense is too off.

The first plan for the action of the robot of justice was to complete the modifications on GunPro-1 (OMG He’s back!) and make use of him to fight against the SUMERAGI by making use of the program that Sawada (dude, sorry for making you the bad guy when you’re actually not lol) sent to Kai before going out from Tokyo. What’s more interesting in this series is that all of the characters are really well thought. Each actually has a job to do and that includes Doc and the Candy Guy (sorry, I actually forgot your name even though you are related to Mitchie).

Robotics Notes Episode 20 -  (30)

Man, I’m too excited for the next episode. XD


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. Eva says:


  2. Wanderer says:

    Poor Subaru no one helped him when the plane was coming.

    On a side note, I was looking into some energy harvesting information during work, and stumbled upon a report regarding JAXA (which does exist in real life). They had a research years ago regarding lasers powering satellites and a more recent proposal regarding solar powered laser energy harvesting in space.

    So yes, JAXA can power giant robots with killer lasers if they want to (joke).

    Article here for anyone interested:

    • Linzz says:

      @Subaru: Instead of pity, actually, I laughed too hard seeing him face the ground. XD
      @JAXA: Damn I don’t really know if I should be scared or be happy about that and if ever they might have continued and then rained monopoles, BUILDING A GIANT ROBOT IS ALREADY POSSIBLE with killer lasers. XD

  3. kansokusha says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! Everyone from East to West, has been bashing the show, especially this particular episode since its release, Linzz you are the few who really loved it instead! You are the few who actually know the true nature of this show and embraced it! You love FREAKING GIANT ROBOTS! You
    know the way of the hot-blooded! Jesus, now I forever see you as the RL Akiho hahaha!!! *sob* ;_;

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