Vividred Operation Episode 6: Oh Dear…

“The story of how Kenjirou tries to strengthen the power of friendship between Akane and the girls and how it ends up a total mess.”




Yellow really is the best, after all. Ahem…that’s beside the point. Out of all the shows airing this season, Vividred Operation was probably one of the ones I’d expect to stick in an obligatory beach episode – but wow, it was like I was watching a complete different show when you compare it to what we got last week. I know some people have been saying that last week was too serious for the overall mood and atmosphere the show has given off so far, but here’s the other extreme end of the spectrum, which despite all the fanservice I hope is just a one-week filler more than anything else.

They officially labelled it a “summer camp”, but let’s be honest – it was more a location from which everyone could show off their various bikinis and compare the sizes of their boobs, from Himawari-chan’s huge ones to Wakaba’s more…modest pair, which I think were quite blatantly highlighted when she ended up not being able to lend Himawari any of her own swimwear and had to go buy a new set with her. Though predictably Akane had a school swimsuit on, it was amusing to see the extra “don’t push” button installed that Himawari just decided to push anyway, resulting in her entire swimsuit inflating and leaving her with…nothing underneath it. Look at these scandalous “cannot unsee” faces everyone has on, in response to the ultimate fanservice we shall never know.


For all the great things Isshiki Kenjirou has done for the world through the Manifestation Engine, you’d think he’d use his spare time in better ways other than to build various dodgy machines on a deserted island, complete with signposts leading people to the “Secret Alone Base”. It was pretty obvious that Kenjirou was behind everything once the girls’ Operation Keys were taken, though there were times when I did think that there would be a proper threat, and that their lack of keys would lead to someone else (such as Rei) having to step in to save them. Akane’s naivety also proves itself to the max here, and I wasn’t sure which was more shocking – thinking Kenjirou’s robots were actually real Alones, or not recognizing Rei even though she was wearing the same bikini and just had her face covered up.

Rei being all tsundere about helping Akane and the girls made the entire episode :D She woke up thinking that everyone had discovered her identity and were keeping her captive, which I almost wish had actually happened if only to provide some sort of link to last week’s episode, which is pretending it never existed now. She’s proven her physical ability through being able to escape and defeat all of Kenjirou’s challenges with just a knife and fork though, which is pretty impressive even if she’s got abilities that are above human capabilities. Let the befriending continue~



I love cute things.

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