Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 64: Surprise!

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 64 -  (25)

“Still, the people who made this game really were special. The game’s programmed in such a way that you’re guaranteed to get stronger as you progress. And, most likely, for the purpose of making him stronger.” – Biscuit

(Sorry for the late post. I decided to hold back HxH for a few weeks since I was pretty busy to cover this series because of schedule conflicts.)


Gon and Killua finished the straight to Masadora race with shovels and was ordered to go back to the starting point on the rocks again and this time to gather some monster cards. Surprisingly, they were able to gather much with not that much effort. After that, both kids are now ready for the second phase of Biscuit’s training.

The second phase contains their training to strengthen their defenses using Nen and its other forms.


Biscuit actually stated her thoughts pretty well even though she had only been playing the game in a short while and became Gon and Killua’s teacher not that long. I mean, she even made it clear that the developers of Greed Island made the game for strengthening one’s ability and especially where one person is concerned. We do all know that Ging somehow have the heart to train Gon inside Greed Island and this is what Biscuit also had thought out. Even the part where Gon and Killua is a good and almost close to perfect tag team say she’s brilliant. XD I do agree to her and as a fan of these two kids, I do think that they make a great team together.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 64 -  (17)The second phase of Biscuits training had more detail than I expected but aside from the details of other forms of Nen, the pace of the episode is rather too quick but nonetheless, it showed much the needed scenes and explanation for the viewers so I can’t complain that much. And sparring in slow motion is actually quite cool to watch. XD One of the forms mentioned was Ko where one can concentrate his Nen energy into one part of his body (which pretty much is being used by Gon on his awesome punch) and how can an attack be lethal to a person who doesn’t use a defensive Nen before it. Ren, as a basic defense of Nen can’t even block Ko and Ken, as the prolonged version of Ren, is hard to obtain with no proper concentration. At least, they manage to learn how to use their Nen in a longer period of time after some alternate digging. XD And the next one they need to learn is the proper distribution of Nen on parts of their body which was pretty cute. XD I mean, they need to partition Nen amounts throughout their body and predict Nen distribution of their opponents at the same time. Their sparring started slow but as they grew accustomed to it, their fast sparring was actually good for the eyes. :3

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 64 -  (27)

The final stage was about training their individual training categories. The Nen categories were explained by Wing, the kids’ first teacher and Gon’s last examiner during the Heaven’s Arena Arc (where Gon and Killua fought other fighters to earn money and to serve as their training). Breaking rocks as their daily training, and even discussed about Janken. XD Rock-Paper-Scissors is actually a game that came from martial arts. That was quite informative. XD

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 64 -  (28)

Well, I just wanted to show you this screenshot, that’s all.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 64 -  (39)

R.I.P., Puhat. You didn’t even last that long and you only have a short screen time. :(

Then let us switch to the party that once invited our two boys and Biscuit to finish the game and avoid the killer group, The Bomber. Actually they are pretty much close to their goal and even completed the spell cards they needed to be safe. And when everyone was practically close to celebrating about this news, someone from the group asks permission to speak and tells everyone that he’s one of The Bomber and placed some bombs to all of them. Wow, right? Well, they should be thankful since he demands something in exchange for their lives – which is, in fact, a big stupid lie if ever you have watched episode 65 already. LMAO At least, he was an effective spy and good thing our lead characters are not in their group. I’m not comfortable around them to begin with anyway.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 64 -  (40)

Now, look who’s taking a roll around the island~


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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