Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ep 2: what is this. . .is this. . .enjoy. . .ment??

Heya! Oki here to finally get my butt in gear and tell you if this will be another season of me screaming into the pillow that is the internet, or if instead you’ll get another well thought out review of something actually good!



Let me start off by saying, wow. I’ve never seen Spice and Wolf. So walking into this one I was pretty blind.

And then the magic happened. I’ve never actually sat down and watched an anime where the entire tone was kind of slow, but it felt like so much interesting stuff happened. Take Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, there was so much slow stuff in it and I felt no interest in any of the characters. Yet in this episode, Make us Human! I felt for the minor character.

I wanted Maou and Yuusha (cause I aint calling them Demon King and Hero, or at least not Demon King) to connect. I wanted them to succeed at their mission. What’s better than having a slow moving plot and being convinced how significant and interesting the entire premise is?
Something about the way the main characters pursue their goals are just. . .fascinating. You have Maou, who is ambiguous but genuine in a lot of her actions and is very intelligent. And you have Hero, who is definitely a genre cliche, who is actually kind of interesting because he is in a story that needs him. No character is out of place, and when a character has flaws they are forced either to deal with them or they’re out of focus enough to come to terms with them.

The main plot of this episode is Hero and Maou going to a small village in hopes of promoting a more effective form of agriculture and preventing the spread of hunger. Maou intends to use the position she would gain from this to her advantage. And, for the time being, she and Hero are able to grow closer.
And let me tell you. . .for a romance implied from the beginning, with all the books stacked against it. . .
I want it.
I love it.

I love Maou’s boobs, I love Hero’s quirky stupidity, I love the implications of sexuality underneath it all, I love THE PLOT. I love the characters, and the art.

It DOES take some getting used to to see the watercolor paintings that look like someone used a photoshop filter on a creative commons piece to make CONTRAST with the very crisp animation. It’s weird, but it’s not so bad. And if Maou and Hero have sex on it I won’t give a crap! Hooray!

The whole SCHOLAR and HERO and POOP take getting used to. Man, Poops so cool, I love that guy! But hey you know what everyone is doing a good job in this project so far. . .


The booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs








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  1. John Smith says:

    …huh. So now that we finally got the other maids. Hopefully we start to see the rest of the cast. I particularly think that the winter king is awesome.

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