Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Ep 1: Abundance of Meat [First Impression]

“Mr. Chairman, the truth is…your daughter has turned into a perverted stalker!”



“This is a cosplay of the most ridiculous organism on the planet? What do you think, Kodaka? Hilarious, right?”

Pi419Aaaand, it’s back! Having the same name as Season 1 except with a “NEXT” affixed on the end, Haganai has returned to bring us more comedic offerings from the unfortunate group that is the Rinjinbu. For those that are new to this (or want a recap anyway) the Rinjinbu, or Neighbour’s Club is a group designed for people who have no friends, created by a girl named Mikazuki Yozora and our protagonist Kodaka. The growing group of misfits try to get along with each other as they attempt to find friends, not realizing that it’s exactly what they’ve become after the many events of last season. Anyway, this show actually makes me laugh (cough unlike Cuticle Tantei Inaba cough) and in a comedy that’s one of the more important aspects a show has to succeed in doing.

Pi428Speaking of laughter, it made up the first half of this episode, in which the Rinjinbu thought up the idea of making friends through humour – and it’s a fair enough point. Though with Yozora and Sena swapping hairstyles (Yozora cosplaying the most ridiculous organism on the planet) they’ve got it slightly wrong; if your aim is to make friends, then people should be laughing with you, instead of at you. It doesn’t help that the entire female population is against Sena because of her popularity, Yozora stays a loner regardless and everyone thinks Kodaka is some kind of thug. Ahh, I’ve missed you, Haganai xD We get a development this time in which Rika has joined Yozora in bullying poor Meat, this time riling her up into “heaping” her hair up into a ridiculous style – I have to admit, I was actually anticipating what it would eventually look like a lot xD Why does it always have to end with Sena crying though, even when Yozora’s actually apologizing for once? And Yozora never apologizes~

There were two things I felt were in abundance this episode – one of them was Kodaka’s constant “you got mail” ringtone, and the other was Meat – even the second half was dedicated solely to Sena and her various antics, with Kodaka invited over to her house to study (and Kobato being too scared to go). Of course, to Stella that gives her a coy opportunity to slip Kodaka a condom when she can (remember Kodaka’s last visit to her mansion, everyone?) and in Sena’s room no less, despite the uh…quite creepy shrine to Yozora she’s slowly built there. I’ve heard that some people do actually keep mementos of their rivals in order to not forget their grudge – but to be honest I don’t think Sena will have a problem remembering Yozora, with all the weird and wacky things they both do to each other on a daily basis. I was going to initially count Yozora’s interactions with Sena as bullying, but…from what Sena does while thinking of her at night, maybe she’s just M for this sort of thing? Sena is an M! I was totally thinking: “okay guys, new pairing – Yozora x Sena!” No need to worry, Pegasus. Your daughter will be just fine.


Next week, it’s the Homo Game Club (no prizes for linking that back to a certain fujoshi Rinjinbu member) and an older version of Maria? Bring it on!

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Likely


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